Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Avatar Madness, I Tell You...

Avatar: An embodiment or personification, as of a principal, attitude, or view of life.
             A graphical image that represents a person, as on the internet.

Say hello to the newest TNBBC Avatar! Ain't he a cutie?

This little guy comes to us courtesy of author Goodloe Byron. After checking out sketches similar to these on his Facebook page, I was instantly curious to see how he would depict TNBBC and figured I'd never know unless I asked. So ask I did. And within a day, he posted this dashingly bookish young man to my Facebook page. I love how our name is the pedestal from which he's giving the thumbs up to an obviously amazing book - reminiscent of those newspaper boys who stood on egg crates at the corners of the NYC streets back in the day, calling out to the crowds "Newspaper! Get yer newpaper here!"

I decided to temporarily retire my tried and true avi (the little handmade stick figure sitting on the bench with his nose in a book) from Twitter and proudly parade this guy around Twittertown for a bit. I hope you like him as much as I do. 

You may also have noticed this cool new TNBBC header, which we whipped out when our Facebook page switched over to the timeline format. This one comes to us from the incredibly talented Ryan W Bradley - author, poet, small press publisher. There is nothing this guy can't design. He's got a whole line of prints that I greedily wish I owned, but I ended up settling for this one - his redesign of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. You can find the rest of his stuff over at Aesthetically Declined Design. Whoa, I totally just turned myself into a RWB whore for a moment there. I digress! 

This cool header design came compliments of Ryan one night when we were chatting over Twitter. I've actually got a couple more from him, but I'm planning to release them into the wild oh-so-very-slowly... so you'll just have to keep following us around...

We are always grateful to those who willingly and lovingly show their appreciation and devotion to us through amazingly designed and incredibly free avatars and headers 
which we promise to display in some way, shape, or form on our blog, goodreads group, twitter account, or Tumblr page. Just sayin'. 


  1. Awesome! Love the Avatar. Can't wait to go check out the other sketches.

  2. is it wrong to say that there's nothing wrong with RWB whoreness?

    that quandary aside, many thanks for the continued pimpage. I'm still in awe that one of my designs is hanging on your wall!