TNBBC Author Series


In lieu of a review, I'm happy to offer small press and self published authors an opportunity to provide original, unique content to one of our author features/series below. 

Email me at if you are interested in participating, and we can discuss specifics. All content must include an author photo, bio, and jpg of the cover at a minimum. Hyperlinks to author, publisher, and book pages are welcome. 

Anything you send can be re-posted elsewhere once it’s been up on this site for 24 hours. We just ask to be given first publishing credits for it.


Audio Series - record yourself reading an excerpt from your book and send me the mp3 -


 Indie Spotlight - open topic guest post, generic, anything related to your book, influences, publishing, readings, whatever -


 Bathroom Reading - yes, I do have a series where I ask writers to tell us what they read in the bathroom -


Books and Booze (we have fun seasonal themes for these too!) – make up a drink for your book and send the photo and recipe, or pair existing drinks with your characters, settings, etc.


 Where Writers Write – Photos with essay or video of where you write, and why you write there -


Indie Ink Runs Deep – this is open to publishing staff, as well as authors! - photo of your tattoos (they don’t have to be lit related) and the story behind them -


Eat Like an Author – where you write about what you’re eating and why, OR cook up a featured dish from your book… photos welcome, as are recipes.


Would You Rather – a series of the same 20 questions for everyone who participates, where you must choose one of two bookish scenarios:


Writers Recommend – authors recommend their favorite  book or the book that was most influential to them


The Page 69 Test – we run an excerpt of page 69 from your book and you talk about whether it’s a good sampling of the overall storyline or not.




My Top Five – create a listicle of your top five of something. Books, music, food, trends, writing spaces, etc. Try to link to, or attach photos for, whatever they are whenever possible. For example - if it’s music, link to the songs; if it’s books, link to where they can be purchased:

Best/Worst – A short post about the best question you’ve ever been asked and the worst question you’ve ever been asked, and what your responses were then vs what they would be now.


So Close Yet So Far – Do you have a cool 6 degrees of separation story? Or a near-miss or close call brush with a celebrity/author/musician/personal fame? We want to hear about it if you do. Bonus points if you have a photo of it to share!

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