Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The New York Stories Collection

Heads up Ben Tanzer fans! 

The book that started it all ... Repetition Patterns ... has been paired with this week's release So Different Now, to make the newest and coolest of all the CCLaP deluxe handmade paper editions - 
The New York Stories Collection. 

I first fell for Ben when I reviewed Repetition Patterns for CCLaP back in 2010. And I've gone on to review just about every book he's released since then. The man was made for writing. (Meant to write?) With each book, he tests deeper and darker waters, noticeably maturing as a writer. I remember reading a review somewhere - though I can't remember where - where a blogger noted how you can follow the events of Ben's life by reading his books chronologically, and I remember thinking... huh, how 'bout that. That blogger might be onto something there...

The super cool thing about The New York Stories collection is the fact that it's only available in the (first ever) illustrated print version - it is not being sold online this time - and is marketed towards serious book collectors and the obsessed, rabid Ben Tanzer groupies. And it's priced as such. But, really, I mean, take a look at this thing... It's absolutely fucking gorgeous!!

Have you read any Ben lately? Well what the heck are you waiting for? Whether you purchase the collectors edition pictured here, or click on the hyperlinked titles above to download each book separately, you gotta get your hands on Ben. Soon. And then be sure to come back here. Cause you're going to want to thank me later. I promise.

Oh, and if you're in the Chicago area at all in January, you might want to hang around Hyde Park. Word on the street is there's this fundraiser going to take place in a mansion where, for a cool hundred, a couple can find themselves eating and drinking to make merry while walking home with a copy of this handsome looking handmade bad boy right here. You know, just saying.

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