Monday, December 12, 2011

Indie Spotlight: Indie Book Blowout

If there was ever a time for giving... Christmas time is it! And the Indie Book Collective are certainly feeling the Christmas Spirit this holiday season.... 

In this Indie Event Spotlight, Amber Scott, Paranormal Romance author and Co-Founder of the IBC (along with authors Rachel Thompson and Carolyn McCray), explains how and why the 12 Days of Christmas Indie Book Blowout came to be, and why you should totally take advantage of it:

One year ago, three authors joined forces and co-founded the Indie Book Collective, a group that focuses on helping authors, indie and traditional alike, take charge of their careers through innovative programs, monthly classes and reader-centric events.

This December 12-24th marks another Indie Book Collective event, the “12 Days of Christmas” where over 200 indie titles are discounted to just 99 cents on Amazon Kindle. It will be an Indie Book Blowout to remember.

Last Labor Day weekend was the premier run of the Indie Book Blowout sales event and much like Amazon’s summer Sunshine Deals, gathered authors across the genres, listing the titles in one convenient site for browsing then directs them to the Kindle page for purchase.

Readers found a way to discover new authors, score ebooks at a great price and support the authors they already love. With the new Amazon Kindle reading device line-up plus the free Kindle applications for devices like Adroid phones and iPad, every day ebooks increase in popularity.

So, why this and why now?

The Indie Book Collective is taking the traditional model and applies it to indie authors.

As a platform, Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing offers authors flexibility otherwise unavailable. Things like updating product descriptions in order to reflect a sales event combined with price control allow authors to participate in and create sale events on their own. The Indie Book Collective has taken the individual ability to put a book on sale to a group effort to create a sale just like you’d see in any retail store. Focusing on the reader experience, they like to keep it fun. They’ll give a Kindle reading device away to a lucky newsletter subscriber plus gift cards through out the year plus have their site organized with how a reader shops in mind. Each day of the 12 Days of Christmas will be organized with popular genres, titles, award-winners, etc. in mind.

At 99 cents a pop, how affordable does taking a chance on a new author become? How great will it be to fill up the Kindle many of us are asking Santa for or gifting to others? Another really cool feature of the Kindle ebook is the digital copy lives on any registered Kindle device the customer owns. You can read your ebook on your iPhone free app. during the day and then switch it to your Kindle Fire e-reader at night because titles live in a virtual library or ‘cloud.’ Plus, with sites like and applications like Authography, those ebooks can be personalized in a flash.

Award winners, Bestsellers. All genres. All ebooks. All priced to just 99 cents. Readers driving…indies thriving. Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas!

In between naptimes and dishes, Amber Scott escapes into her characters’ fates, loves and complications. A native Nevadan, she now makes her home in Arizona with her husband and two children. She is addicted to chocolate, often burns dinner and is a sucker for happily ever after.

You can find her website here, follow her on Twitter, and like her on Facebook

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