Monday, December 5, 2011

The Blue Square Press/Mud Luscious Press Mini-ini (Part II)

Yesterday, I posted Part I of the Blue Square Press / Mud Luscious Press Merge mini-ini. In it, you got to hear BSP co-founder Ben Spivey dish on what fans of the press can expect from the partnership.

I have to admit, when I first learned of the merge, I googled the heck out of Mud Luscious. I was not familiar with them or their founding editor J.A. Tyler and was dying to see what they were all about. Of course, while I was peeking around on the internet, the little light bulb over my head went on and I figured why not interview them and get their take on the new partnership! Thus, the mini-ini was born....

And J.A. Tyler, who I can already tell is one helluva cool dude, had this to say on things:

Why the merge with Blue Square Press?

Blue Square Press is a publisher we've always admired - they take calculated risks, they love stretched language, and their production quality is tremendous - so when Ben and David got in touch with us about the potential to combine forces, we were so game. We knew that we could bring a wider audience to BSP as well as some extra resources and staff, and we knew that they would allow us to publish even more books and create an even broader brand for MLP.

What does the merge mean for Mud Luscious?

This merger means that Mud Luscious Press can help in the publishing of
2-3 more titles per year, books that we wished we could publish ourselves but could not due to budgetary and calendar obligations - but now, with Blue Square Press in our family, they can bring those books about under our umbrella - a true win / win. The merger also means that we get to work with Ben Spivey and David Peak, both writers and editors that we greatly respect and can undoubtedly learn new tricks from.

What can Mud Luscious readers expect from you in the future?

2012 is going to be absolutely brilliant for Mud Luscious Press.

First, we are releasing four new novel(la) titles: Gregory Sherl's second book, The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail, a connected series of beautifully vicious and lustful poetry, Matt Bell's second book and first novella, Cataclysm Baby, an apocalypse like none other. Then mid-year we'll be re-releasing Ken Sparling's wonderful Dad Says He Saw You at the Mall, originally published with Knopf in 1996 and wrongfully out of print for more than a decade. And we'll finish our novel(la) series year with the first full-length book from Robert Kloss, The Alligators of Abraham, one of the most brutal books I've ever encountered and delicately laced with cover and interior illustrations by the astounding Matt Kish of Tin House's Moby-Dick in Pictures.

And beside those, we will be releasing a smattering of new Nephew series titles, including XXXX XXXX-XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX by XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX, XX XXX XXXXX XX XXXXX by XXXXXX XXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXX by XXXXXX XXXXX, and XXXXXX XXX XXXX by XXX.

We'll also be very shortly announcing a new venture - the Transduction series - which will open its doors with Alban Fisher at the cover design helm and Kristi Maxwell's P/LANK as its first title - an endeavor that we are so exciting to start getting our grubby hands on.

All in all, a year we know will be the biggest and best yet for a lovely growing Mud Luscious Press

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