Friday, December 16, 2011

Indie Book Buzz: Two Dollar Radio

It's the return of the Indie Book Buzz here at TNBBC. Over the next few weeks, we will be inviting members of the indie publishing houses to share which of their upcoming 2012 releases they are most excited about!

This week's picks come from Eric Obenauf, 
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Two Dollar Radio.

Baby Geisha by Trinie Dalton
(January 2012)

Trinie Dalton is a writer of exceptional style and pizzazz that I'm absolutely enamored with. Publishers Weekly, reviewing Baby Geisha (January '12), compared her to Lydia Davis, Gary Lutz, and Ben Marcus, and I think that's apt. Baby Geisha is also exciting in that it represents a more grounded approach in the author's style. Bookforum dubbed this "an everyday fantastic." The stories range from the Coney Island ferris wheel, to the sloth-hugging parks of Costa Rica, to the Greek Isles, and are underlined by this author's wit and flashy voice.

Radio Iris by Anne-Marie Kinney
(May 2012)

Radio Iris (May '12) is just flat-out freaking awesome. This is a first novel by a writer named Anne-Marie Kinney that I believe folks will be talking about for years to come. The grace and authority for such a young writer is incredibly impressive. TC Boyle calls the book "a revelation, a whimsical, charming and beautifully observed novel about quotidian life." The story follows a socially awkward receptionist at a business whose function she doesn't understand (though she's overheard her boss refer to himself as "a businessman"). Her world goes topsy-turvy when her co-workers begin disappearing and a mysterious stranger appears to be living in the office suite next door. Steve Erickson called the book "a novel of unsettling humor and elusive terror, a piercing loneliness and the strangeness of the banal, and a hushed power that grows in volume before your ears."

About Eric:

Eric Obenauf is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Two Dollar Radio, an outfit he founded with his wife and brother. His writing has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, The Rumpus, Modern Fix, and The Huffington Post. He lives in central Ohio with his wife and two kids, enjoying the occasional competitive game of basketball.

Ok, I think I have found one of my Must-Have's for 2012... Doesn't Eric make Radio Iris sound absolutely amazing?!!

So what do you think guys? See anything that catches your eye? Which of these books are you most excited to see release? Help TNBBC and Two Dollar Radio spread the buzz about these books by sharing this post with others!

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