Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Fight Song Blog Tour

Time to dust off the ol' blog tour cap and get ourselves back into fighting condition! 

TNBBC is about to host its largest, most kickass blog tour yet! We're celebrating the release of Joshua Mohr's fourth novel - Fight Song. I've been a huge Mohr fan ever since discovering his guilt ridden debut novel Termite Parade in 2010. I adored his 2011 sophomore novel Damascus. How could I not jump at the chance to lead the charge in promoting this one?!

What you can count on is two weeks cram-packed-to-the-point-of-bursting with awesome, exclusive content to get you all worked up and dying for more. I've been a crafty girl and scheduled the tour in such a way that we've got a GIRLS vs. GUYS showdown.... take a look:

The Ladies

Monday 2/11,  Pop Queenie kicks it all off and brings the music. Tuesday, Booked in Chico's got Joshua writing about milestones and life's turning points on the day of Fight Song's release! Wednesday, I take the tour back to show off Where Joshua Writes while on Thursday, Between the Covers shares an audio of Joshua reading from his book. Friday, Amy from Insatiable Booksluts throws Fight Song into the ring with Damascas for a Death Match. Saturday, Bitches with Books gets boozey with a cool cocktail and Sunday finds Joshua sharing his quest for happiness with Love at First Book.

The Men

Monday 2/18, Ryan Bradley interviews the man of the hour. Tuesday, Dead End Follies has some questions of his own. Justin of Sundog Lit gets all podcasty on Wednesday. Thursday, Ben Tanzer reads a passage from Fight Song and Friday we're treated to an interview by Steve Himmer.

Saturday 2/23, we bring it back home to wrap things up.

I hope you like what we've done. And it couldn't have been done without SJ, Erica, Heather, Amy, Ash, Rebecca, Ryan, Benoit, Justin, Ben, and Steve. They rock (you're about to see why!), and of course, there would be no tour if it wasn't for Joshua Mohr and his willingness to be harassed and poked and prodded, and bled and embarrassed (all in a good way!) for original content with which to entertain you.

to our Fight Song Blog Tour...

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