Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Fight Song Blog Tour Wrap Up

All good things must come to end! 

As our tour for the book grinds to a halt today, let's look back at all of the wonderful people who helped us spread the word and jumped at the chance to show the book some love:

Day 0: We kick off the tour with a little introduction.
Day 1: Pop Queenie give it an official kick off with Joshua's Mix Tape and her own Top Five Fight Songs.
Day 2: Finds Booked In Chico and Joshua Mohr discussing milestones!
Day 3: Comes back around to me for a peek at where Joshua Mohr writes.
Day 4: Is hosted by Heather of Between the Covers... it's an exclusive audio reading from Joshua Mohr.
Day 5: Amy from The Insatiable Booksluts pits two of Joshua Mohr's novels against one another in a DEATH MATCH - Which one won?
Day 6: Bitches with Books have given Coffen his own cocktail!
Day 7: Finds Rebecca from Love at First Book discovering Joshua Mohr's quest for happiness.

Then the ladies give way to the men.....

Day 8: Is in Ryan W Bradley's hands as he interviews Joshua Mohr.
Day 9: Brings another interview, this time by Benoit of Dead End Follies.
Day 10: Sets up a podcast between Managing/Founding Editor Justin Lawrence Daugherty and Joshua Mohr.
Day 11: Ben Tanzer gives a little reading of Joshua's book.
Day 12: The last stop belongs to Steve Himmer with a final interview.

What an incredible line-up, huh? I hope we knocked your socks off with our creative topics and interview skills! Where else are you going to find a two-week blog tour like this one?!

Heart-felt thanks to SJ, Erica, Heather, Amy, Ash, Rebecca, Ryan, Benoit, Justin, Ben, and Steve for doing such a kickass, flawless job during the tour. And a huge punk-rock, hard-core thanks to Joshua!! Without them, and without Joshua's willingness to work hard behind the scenes, bending to their every whim these past few months (that's right, MONTHS), none of this would have been possible. 

I hope we have done the book proud, and sent some of you scurrying over to Joshua's blog to check out all of his books and purchase yourself a copy or four. 

Connect with the book on Goodreads. And come back to tell us what you thought of it... We'll be here waiting...

(If you enjoyed this book tour, or added the book to your TBR pile because of our blog tour, we'd love for you to mark TNBBC as the "person who recommended"  the book to you on goodreads!) 

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