Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Fight Song Blog Tour: Where Joshua Mohr Writes

We're celebrating the release of Joshua Mohr's newest novel in style. And it's certainly a book worth shouting about - In Fight SongJoshua takes us on a journey of self-discovery, of finding friends in the unlikeliest of places, of learning the value of accepting help even when you weren't asking for it, and of shedding those layers of dead skin that have been weighing you down. It dropped yesterday. You can find it in a bookstore near you today.

In case you missed it, the party started on Monday, when Pop Queenie brought the music. Yesterday, Booked in Chico brought the milestones

But we're not stopping there... we've got an awesome, two week lineup... partying it up hardcore-like with the man of the hour. You'll want to get comfy...we still have to pass out the drinks, throw two of his books into the ring smack-down style, hear Joshua read a little summin' summin' from the book, and interview the pants off of him. 

Today, Joshua Mohr gives you a peek into his writing space:

I write between midnight and about 5 a.m. My insomnia is pretty brutal, but I actually sort of dig it. My work days are longer than most people's. I sometimes joke that I get to write in dog years. When I write every light in the apartment is off except the lap top’s odd illumination. I love seeing only the prose, and everything else is shrouded in darkness. It's only the characters in my novel who light up my world! 


Check in tomorrow with Between the Covers, she's sharing a snippet of Joshua reading from the novel. And click here to see the rest of the line-up, cause you're not going to miss this for the world, right? Thanks to Pop Queenie and Booked in Chico for a great start to this tour and a huge hug to Joshua for being such a good sport about the whole thing!

Before I go, I want to leave you with this - it's the Fight Song book trailer - an informercial for Scout's Honor. I won't ruin the tie-in, because you plan on reading the book, right?! So give it a look, and get ready to laugh your ass off. 


  1. Awesome sharing. I really enjoyed it during reading the blog also watch very interesting video. I really appreciate to the blog owner work.

  2. Interesting that Joshua writes at night! But whatever works, and obviously it works well!