Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CCLaP: Mountainfit

Holy cow, CCLaP is at it again! 
We've gone and released another non fiction collection out into the world. 

This week, we celebrate the re-birth of Meera Lee Sethi's non fiction, memoir-ish collection  Mountainfit. Meera self published this book through a successful kickstarter campaign as a personal project, with no real intentions of seeing it make a splash in the literary world. One fateful day, however, after reading a few of CCLaP's critical book reviews, Meera submitted the book for our publisher Jason's consideration. Jason, rather than accepting the book for review, read it, fell in love with it, and asked Meera to sign it with CCLaP!

Mountainfit is an ecological field notebook, a keenly observed natural history of the life that sings from the birches, wheels under the clouds, and scuttles over the peat bogs of the Swedish highlands. And it is a letter, in 21 jewel-like parts, from a well-read and funny friend. 

In 2011, a tiny bird observatory in far western Sweden found itself hosting its first American volunteer, and Meera Lee Sethi found herself exactly where she wanted to be: watching great snipe court each other under the midnight sun and disturbing lemmings on her way to find a gyrfalcon nest. Meera’s vigorous, graceful prose communicates a wry understanding of how utterly ordinary it is to long for more out of life—and how extraordinary it can feel to trust that longing. Meera's intent was to create a book small enough to fit in your pocket and read on the train to work in the morning. It is that. But it's also large enough to contain a mountain or two.


We are actively seeking reviews for Mountainfit, so raise your hand if you're interested! 
We've got Mobi, EPub, and PDF copies for the picking. 

We are also selling Mountainfit in a hand-made, hardback hypermodern edition - which you can order here if you like that sort of thing! Who wouldn't a copy of that beauty?!

You can also add it to your goodreads shelves here

Meera is also available for interviews, guest posts, and audio excerpts! Comment here, or send me an email at if you'd like to get your Mountainfit on....

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