Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Death of a Ladies' Man

Read 1/8/13 - 1/12/13
3.5 Stars - Recommended to readers who like their love complicated and devious
Kindle eBook
Publisher: 3AM Press

Dear dirty politician,

Did you really think you could fuck around on your wife, for years no less, and not get caught? Haven't you witnessed enough of your brothers falling from grace for the exact same thing? What makes you so special, that you should be spared the same embarrassment?  Because you were careful? Because you took precautions? Ha!

Once a cad, always a cad, amirite? So sad, really. The shame and humiliation your family had to suffer, all because of your selfish acts.. your inability to keep it in your pants.. your obsession with the female sex organ. You got so used to having whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted, that you let it cloud your thinking. The power of your position went straight to your... head. It boiled your blood, didn't it, the desire? To have sex with a hot woman, any woman? It started to drive you mad, didn't it?!

Seeing a lovely lady and expecting, convincing yourself that she wanted you as much as you wanted her. What gave you the right? It certainly served you right, you fuck up. You horny bastard. You give men a bad name. A bad rap. You're the reason wives worry when their husbands call from the office and tell them they're "running late". You and your cheating ways.

And your wife, man, did she make it easy for you, or what? No balls on her, that one. The less she knew, the better and how lucky for you that she never questioned or cared what you were up to when you were away from home for so long. Poor girl, no self esteem, no self respect. And willing to stand behind you through almost all of it. Why am I not surprised that this added fuel to your cheating-fire instead of filling you with guilt?

Oooohhh, but the guilt eventually found you, didn't it? No matter where you hid or how hard you tried to outrun it. It worked its way into you and consumed you and made you mad with it.

I almost wish your wife had found out before the rest of us did. It might have been your saving grace.

A disgusted non-voter.

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