Saturday, September 29, 2012

TNBBC's Night Out at the KGB

...went much better!

The KGB Lit Bar is quickly becoming my favorite NYC author reading spot. I love its moody atmosphere and its tight spaces. I love that a crowd of twenty or thirty people feels like a hundred. That's right, ya'll! We had a full house on September 16th for David Maine's reading!

I can't take all of the credit for it of course. David was one of two readers in the Sunday Night Fiction event, curated by Suzanne Dottino. The other author? Kathleen Alcott, who's debut novel The Dangers of Proximal Alphabets is causing a bit of a stir in the world.

The event went down better than I could have ever dreamed. Tara (booksexyreview, the ultimate bookish BFF) hung out with us; Christoph, a writer/ musician who I met on my last visit to KGB, popped in; and new TNBBC member Tim (hi, Tim!) dropped by the table and introduced himself.

I've got video, you guys! It took me a while to upload them and splice and dice them. Then I toyed with the idea of leaving my intro on there (Suzanne gave me the mic to introduce David) but I decided to spare you from my over-excited babbling and left most of it on the cutting room floor. Would you like to hear David read from An Age of Madness? Sure you would....


And here's Part II

The video is dark and grainy because, well, the KGB is dark and grainy! If you haven't been yet, I strongly you encourage you to swing by on your next visit to NYC. A huge thank you to David for allowing me the opportunity to book him a few gigs (even if the first one did end in a humiliating disaster). And as I am sure you can guess, I'm feeling much better about my little corner of the literary world right about now. 


  1. Yea! So glad it was such a great success. :)

  2. I would totally have been there, you know, if geography weren't an issue. I'm super jealous of all the people who got to go--it looks like an awesome time!