Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Your Literary Punches

Just another great example of why Independent Publishing rocks my world!

The concept is familiar to us:

Subway, Rita's, too-numerous-to-name coffee shops - they reward their loyal customers with a punch card. Every time you show up and make a purchase, you get a punch. Fill up your card and you get a free drink or ice cream, or your next purchase at a discount.

But the application is entirely new:

Graywolf Press, Coffee House Press and Milkweed, along with Rain Taxi Review of Books and Loft Literary Center, have joined forces in the Twin Cities to offer a Literary Punch Card.

After its Sept 14th launch, attend any literary event at Magers & Quinn in Uptown Minneapolis, and Common Good Books and Micawber's in St Paul, and a present your card for a punch. Buy their featured book and get another punch. When you fill your card, you're rewarded with a $15 gift card.

See the original article here.

Chalk another one up for the indies, ya'll! And now go out and support them!

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