Sunday, August 28, 2011

The David Maine Blog Tour: In Review

It's the end of the line, folks! The David Maine Blog Tour bus has pulled into the station. I don't know about you but I couldn't have asked for things to have gone any better.

Thanks so much to the book bloggers, authors, and readers who participated this past week and made the whole thing possible. I couldn't have done this without you and your interest in David and his novels! You made creating and hosting this blog tour such a wonderful experience. I hope I didn't micro-manage you all too harshly!!!!

And many thanks to David, who agreed to be tormented and tortured by the group of us as we prepared for our portions of the tour.

If you happened to miss a stop in the tour, or .... if you prefer to peruse the tour after it's been posted in its entirety, here's the quick and dirty download:

I hope you've enjoyed viewing the posts as much as we did creating them. We thank you for the support.


  1. You have done a fantastic job with this tour, Lori, big claps for you!

  2. Thanks Mandy! I had so much fun putting it all together and seeing what everyone came up with!

    And thank you for your unmatched enthusiasm! I want to send you the giveaway copy of FALLEN to show my appreciation for spreading the word about David and his book, and for supporting us every step of the way throughout the tour!

  3. Thanks, Lori, you're the best! I can't wait to read FALLEN :o) Just an added bonus of following those who are great at what they do!!