Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Smartphone #Fail

Yes, Folks. It's true. Even a super-adjusting, time-managing fool like "your truly" can fail sometimes. I can usually multi-task like a maniac and switch priorities on a dime, but when it comes to making time for all my cool new techie toys - I suck.

I have been totally snubbing my iView eReader and garnishing all my attention on my beautiful little Droid these past two weeks.

While sitting at my husband's aunt and uncle's Annual Christmas Eve Dinner Party, I broke my golden smartphone rule - and downloaded a (gasp) GAME. I found the really cool free app Doodle Bowling, and downloaded it. My kids and I played a few rounds, and realized that for each game you play, you get a "coin". These coins can be saved and used to "purchase" different backgrounds on which to bowl. And I want them... I want them ALL...

The starting background is a child-like drawing of a bowling alley lane - and each roll of the ball pops a hole in the paper. It doesn't look like much, but it is addicting as hell to play. (See - this is why I didn't want to start downloading games.. I knew I would get sucked in.)

Here's a short video - for those who might not have played it yet:

(By the way - is this what the world is coming to? Creating video trailers for smartphone apps? Seriously?)

So between this time-sucking game, and checking Twitter every 10 minutes, I have no energy or motivation to use my eReader. It doesn't have WiFi, so all I can use it for is reading, and I mean, well.... really. I have ACTUAL books for that!

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