Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy One Year Blogoversary!

It was exactly one year ago today that I took a friend's advice and expanded the reach of my TNBBC Goodreads group by creating this blog! I suppose, in hindsight, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought this was going to be a place to post reviews, interviews with authors and host giveaways when I could get them.

But what I got out of it was so much more! I began to build a more supportive and interactive relationship with authors and publishers, which was wonderful in and of itself. But the fellow bloggers (and facebookers and tweeters - oh my!) - I quickly found myself wondering how I managed to moderate the TNBBC Goodreads group for two whole years before finding out about this amazing family of warm and welcoming literary bloggers!

I owe a huge thank you to all of the bloggers out there who took the time to explain the lay of the land, leave comments on my amateur site, and follow my pursuit for the next best book!

I also want to thank all of the authors and publishers who humor little ole me and feed my literary obsession by sending me review copies, allowing themselves to be interviewed, freeing up copies for giveaways, and joining us at TNBBC on Goodreads for reader/author discussions.

Without you all.....
This blog, TNBBC, and I would be nothing!

Here's to another year of fun, fantastic reading, reviewing, interviewing, and interaction with all of you!


  1. Congratulations! No tales of growing pains or of triumphs?

  2. Happy blogoversary! I remember when you announced that you were starting one and I was so jealous because I had been thinking about doing it for the CS group for a while and didn't have the cajones to do it! lol I thought that nobody would want to hear what I had to say! But you definitely inspired me to suck it up and do it!

  3. Ape: Hmmm.. Growing pains? Triumphs? I suppose I could have, but I feel like I bore you all enough as it is :)

    Jamie: Yeah, my buddy Tina gets all the credit for pushing me hard to get one started. She wanted me to prove to myself that I could do this! I am glad you grew cajones, you are my favorite partner in blog-crime :)

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Congrats on your blogoversary - yours is one of my favorites!

  5. Awww Greg, I am sure you say that to all of the girls!

  6. Happy Blogoversary!! Keep 'em coming!!

  7. Happy birthday, Lori!! You have done such a fab job with this blog, I look forward to seeing lots more of it next year and years to come.

  8. This is a little late, but big congratulations, you rock big time.

  9. Hey there Ben! Better late than never :)
    Thanks for swinging by! How's the newest release doing?