Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: A Cake Appeared

Read 11/15/10 - 11/16/10
3.5 Stars - Strongly recommended to readers familiar with genre

Now this is how you write unconventional short stories!

Shane Jones blew me away with his novel Light Boxes, in which the month of February refused to release the townspeople from it's cold clutches.

In A Cake Appeared, - a collection of poems, fables, and scrolls - we get a larger sample of the type of writing Shane is capable of.

Twisted and dark, silly and strange, we discover the man with the ax for a nose, the nightmares that cause townfolk to kill themselves, a man and woman who build chimneys around themselves.... it's all so bizarre, and yet, at the same time, quite believable.

Here is a sample of what this collection contains:

"I promise to myself each year that I will set the trees on fire. I have imagines what burning trees would look like through the blue stained kitchen windows. I can see the leaves as ghosts burning and flying and curling through the air. And each year I find myself in bed like all the rest of you, small and sweater clad." - pg.72

This collection is perfect for readers who like their short stories with a splash of imagination!


  1. Great post! I will have to check out this collection, as I absolutely loved Light Boxes!

  2. Any idea why this book doesn't come up on Amazon.com? Where did you find it?

    I searched by book title, author, and ISBN # - nothing!

  3. This is a chapbook (I believe) that was released by Scrambler Books. I actually contacted the publisher directly for a copy.