Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Light Boxes

Read 8/10/10 - 8/15/10
5 Stars - Highly Recommended

Shane Jones is awe inspiring. His words taste like honey and smoke. His sentences read like lucid dreams. His book melts in your hands, soaks into your skin, and nestles inside your lungs until you are breathing snow and ice.

He mindfucks you so gently you aren't even aware he is doing it.

Ok, that last one might have been a bit drastic.

What we have here is the dreadful fairy tale-like story of a month that has decided to take up permanent residence in an unnamed town. February has settled in and will not be moved. A tricky god-like entity that sits among the heavy clouds in the dark gray sky, he destroys every effort the townspeople make to end winter. He kidnaps the children and declared the end of flight. Hot air balloons, birds... They all lie stationary and still on the snow covered ground. Some of the residents become depressed, and confused. Many die.

Yet there is hope in the shape of a man named Thaddeus, who has lost his wife and daughter to February. He and a group of men who wear bird masks and dub themselves The Solution create a War Effort to bring an end to February and all his tricks.

Throughout all of this, Shane Jones stuffs his words with emotion and heartbreak and then twists and wrings them above the pages. You can feel every syllable take shape in your mouth. And hear them whispering in your ear.

A story that showcases perseverance, willpower, and the strength of many men against an unseen enemy.


  1. What an awesome review! You write very well yourself. I'd storm out right now and pick this one up, if I hadn't just bought about seven this week!

  2. Thanks actonbell. It was easy to write what I did, the book is just simply amazing! Go run out now and make this the eighth book you buy this week!