Monday, November 29, 2010

In Which a Serial Killer Compares Himself To a Butterfly

Here's a peek inside my current read:

“I was confused and unsure of what I was becoming. I wondered in half conscious, half subconscious thought if this is how a caterpillar must feel. It wraps itself tightly into a cocoon and drifts off to sleep, not fully aware that when it awakens it will be to an entirely new world. It’s life will have forever changed. How can you begin to understand with a rational mind the transformation of turning into a creature that can fly after having a simple relaxing slumber? It’s like waking up as if you’ve just been born as a new being who can now, and forever will, see the world from an entirely new perspective. I felt as if this would be my last night as a caterpillar. Tomorrow would be the awakening of a butterfly that would have the abilities, both mental and physical, to conquer this world.”

- Duncan’s Diary - Birth of a Serial Killer by Christopher C. Payne


  1. Wow! This book sounds totally awesome! I know it's a little morbid, but I am incredibly fascinated by serial killers, and how their minds work. This is definitely a book I'm going to need to look into reading! Thanks for the teaser, and I'm looking forward to reading your review!!

  2. This book is really out there! I can tell you it's got me squirming a bit, some of the things this character is doing.... wow.

    It's written in a way that it really sucks you in and makes you wonder just what sort of issues the author has in order to write what he does :)

    I love well written serial killer books too. Have you read the Dexter series, or The Seven Days of Peter Crumb? You totally need to if you like this type of stuff!

  3. I can't wait for your review! (I meant to say that before, but forgot...) Anyway, I've heard about the Dexter series, and have thought about reading them, but hadn't heard of Peter Crumb. I'll look into both!

    I wrote a research paper in HS about serial killers and how society views them and it was definitely an eye opening experience! There were a LOT of super creepy things... I'm getting more and more excited about this book now! :)