Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Termite Parade

Read 10/11/10 - 10/13/10
5 Stars - Highly Recommended/The Next Best Book

Do not let the book cover of Termite Parade turn you off. Seriously.

If you are like me, and hate anything that creeps and crawls, this book cover will make your stomach turn. You will take one look at that wide open mouth with termites climbing out of it, and want to gag. Your hands might shake, and your knees might get weak, and your upper lip and forehead might bead with sweat, but do yourself a favor and GET OVER IT.

Grab a copy of this book.
Here's why:

Have you ever been in a crappy relationship, one that was just too much work, one where your girlfriend/boyfriend was crazy jealous and never trusted you, wanting to know who you were on the phone with, who you were texting, who you were going out with, how long you were going to be gone...?

Have you ever been mortified by this girlfriend/boyfriend, embarrassed to the point where you wish you could just rip open a hole in the universe and be sucked into it, when they would make off the wall comments and false accusations in front of people, people whose jaws would drop and hit the floor, people who would feel sorry for you because of the scene your other half was creating?

Have you ever gotten to the point where, knowing the relationship isn't working, knowing the effort you are putting in will never equal the effort coming back out, knowing that you will never leave them, you decide you have finally had enough, you decide to do something you ordinarily wouldn't ever do, something you know you shouldn't but you just can't help yourself, you tell yourself they deserve what they have coming, and then you just do it, without thinking about it?

Have you ever done that thing that you knew you shouldn't have done, and then lied about what it was that you did, and the person believed you, right from the start, and never questioned you about it, and you thought, phew! That was too easy, but then the longer you went living and supporting the lie, the worse and worse you felt, the guilt over the thing you did and the lie you told to cover it up begins to eat you up, from the inside out, gnawing and chewing at you, day after day, until you couldn't even look at her/him without the guilt causing you physical discomfort, until you finally decide you have tell them the truth, not because you want them to know, but because you are convinced that telling the truth is the only way to get the lie to stop eating you up inside?

If you were shaking your head as you read all of that, nodding in agreement, laughing because yes! I have done that, I have felt that, I have been on the receiving end of that, I was lied to, I told a lie, I was in a shit relationship - if you felt anything at all while reading all of that, then you NEED TO READ THIS BOOK.

This is the twisted, terrible story of Mired and Derek, and their awful relationship - a relationship they both want so badly that they are willing to attend couples therapy for. It's the story of the thing that Mired does to push Derek over the edge. It's the story of the thing that Derek does to Mired. It's the story of the lie Derek tells Mired to cover up the thing he did. It's the story of the guilt that eats Derek up from the inside out like termites.... chewing his bones to splinters.

Oh, and how awesome was it of the author, Joshua Mohr, to name his leading lady Mired - which means "entangled, hindered, to involve in difficulties"? Our damsel in distress, named for the hell that her life has become. Is that not poetic? Not to mention this guy can write! He gets it. He knows what a shitty relationship feels like. He knows what it's like to want something to work so badly you are willing to put up with all kinds of nonsense for it. And he's throws it all out there in black and white for you to experience.

Need more before you commit? Check out the book trailer:

Huge hugs and kisses go out to Two Dollar Radio for sending me this review copy. Watch these guys, they know good literature and are not afraid to publish it!


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