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'How to Wear Your Hair' Review, Interview, Consultation, and Giveaway

Read 6/22/10
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The Review

So ladies, if you are anything like me, you have been through hairstyle after hairstyle... trying to find the one that makes you look incredible.

From wearing it long and straight growing up, to permed and teased out in that ever popular early 90's "jersey girl" style in high school, to chin length with a flip entering the workforce, to my current style of long and layered - I find that I am never quite happy with the cut I currently have. Forever searching the internet for celebrity hairstyles that I would die to have, and just about fed up with going to the hairdressers because what I ask for is never what I end up with.

If things have been the same for you, I recommend you take a peek at Morgan Gantt's "How To Wear Your Hair", which made it's premier on June 22nd. Morgan, who has been styling hair since she was in elementary school, made the transition from cosmetology student to touring author in a short 4 years. While styling hair for her clients, she realized that most women don't understand how their face shape affects the styles they are requesting.

After doing some heavy duty research, Morgan put together this quick and easy guide to determining the perfect hair style for your face! Complete with steps on how to measure your face (oh yes! You will stand in front of the mirror, as I did, to find out if you have an oval, long, or pear shaped face), photos of the most flattering styles for your shape, and hair style dont's, Morgan helps you see why your past hair cuts should remain in the past, and gives you the power and confidence to pick the perfect style for that face of yours.

The Interview

Between the book release and media tour, Morgan managed to find the time to answer some questions about her own hairstyle history, the way she works with her clients, and some hair styling suggestions for Yours Truly!

After attending 2 years of college under a Telecommunications degree, what prompted you to change majors and focus on Cosmetology?

Since as early as age four I loved to look at people’s faces and imagine different hairstyles on them. At Ball State I had my own radio show (in David Letterman’s studio), voted president of my Freshman dorm – took me a couple of years to realize that my passion/dream was to become a stylist – and for the past 4 years I couldn’t be happier!!

As little girls, we have all butchered up our doll’s hair in an attempt to make them more beautiful. Other than dolls, on what or who did you practice your first haircuts?

When I was in elementary school my Nanny, Miss Canary let me put pin curls and a relaxer in her hair – and it turned out perfect. Later she allowed me to put a perm in her hair – DISASTER – she looked like a cotton ball!!

My father was another “subject” during my Jr. High School years – bless him for not complaining – it was DRASTICALLY “choppy”!!!

We’ve all experienced haircut nightmares! What was the worst haircut/hairstyle you have ever had?

A toss between heavy blunt “cookie cutter” bangs and the time I had a “80’s shag” that was close to a mullet cut!!! MAJOR influences on me to start a campaign for what I have defined as the “Stamp Out the Bad Hair Day!” forever!!

How do your clients react when you explain why they shouldn’t get the hairstyle they are requesting?

If you read the “About the Author” blurb on the inside flap of my book you’ll see that it didn’t take long after graduating from cosmetology school for me to learn that I realized I OWED an explanation/illustration of why pictures of hairstyles carried in by my clients would not always fit their face shape – thus the creation of a binder which eventually turned into my book How to Wear Your Hair!

Once clients understand the reasoning behind the consult – they are grateful!!

How did you research the information for your book? How long did it take to create “How To Wear Your Hair”, from start to finish?

Every stylist is taught face shapes and the relevance of shapes to symmetrical haircuts – so the basics were learned at cosmetology school. I reviewed more than 15,000 pictures to come up with the right visual mix for the book – FACE SHAPE is the primary consideration to choosing a style, but as stated in the Forward and the last chapter, texture, color, length of neck, etc., etc., etc. are other factors – so the choice of pictures was paramount to the visual effect of the book to the reader. I worked on the book nearly 24 months.

Do you cut and style hair for your family and friends? Do you find it difficult to work on hair for people you know personally?

I have cut everyone’s hair in my immediate family – my mother is the most critical – which is a positive because she has taught me client/customer service skills with the questions she has asked!!

I have gone through multiple different hairstyles, in an effort to find one I like. My style tends to change with the trends of the time. Do you recommend that people stick to one type of cut, or experiment with the new trendy styles to keep things fresh?

It depends on your life style. I have clients who are EXTREMELY conservative and will always wear traditional styles- the majority however, go for the trends – How to Wear Your Hair is the commandments of choosing hairstyles – there are celebrities to watch and magazines to keep up with the trends!!

Just for fun, what hairstyles and hair colors are the trendiest right now? Which celebrity do you think has the best hairstyle to suit their face?

Just depends on the season; i.e. Fall, always warm. Summer, always cool and bright colors. Best Hairstyle to suit their face - Taylor Swift!

My Personal Consultation

I have attached a photo of myself for you to critique. Based on the guidelines within your book, What shape face do I have?

Definitely a pear-shape!

What would you recommend as the perfect style for my face shape?

(You) needs a soft sassy cut that brings fullness at (your) temples! (You don't) need weight around the wide jawlines. (Here is a hairstyle) worn by celebrity Halle Berry that will look fabulous on your beautiful face!

How does my current hairstyle affect my face?

It doesn't flatter (your) beautiful brings more fullness!

According to her book, the shorter the better for a pear faced lady like myself. The pixie cut works well as it draws attention away from the wider jawline and widens the forehead. Center and side parts are no-no's because they emphasize the narrow brow, and longer hair adds weight where I certainly do not want it.

I have had the shorter bob cut before, with a tad more length than the one Hallie is sporting up above. I felt it added more weight to my face than the longer styles, though the hair style itself was a lot of fun. I could flip it out, zig zag the part, curl it under for a sleeker, less trendy look... Very versatile but so much work. For someone who wakes up at 3:30 in the morning to get ready for work, I like the longer cut I currently have simply because it is low maintenance. Ain't that just the way, Ladies? Once you hit your mid (coughcoughthirtiescoughcough), easier just seems better. Sigh. The things we sacrifice, huh!?!

I am very appreciative of Morgan for taking the time to critique my photo and give me an honest and well thought out consultation - complete with celebrity cut recommendation. Who knows, if this weather continues to turn up the heat, this long haired chick might just be knocking on her hair stylists door begging for the big "chop-chop"!

Stay Tuned.
'How To Wear Your Hair'
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