Saturday, July 10, 2010

"How To Wear Your Hair" Giveaway

So, by now I hope you have read my review of How To Wear Your Hair by Morgan Grantt, complete with interview and a personal consultation by Morgan herself. I had so much fun working on that post, and now I am very excited to share an opportunity for YOU to have fun with it too!

The Giveaway will run through July 24th

I have 2 hardcover copies to give away to two lucky people in the US/Canada,
2 eBook editions to give away Internationally!

In order to be considered for the contest:

1- Share your best "nightmare" hairstyle by posting it as a comment here, and also by emailing your comment to along with a photo of yourself.

That's it! That's all there is to it! Morgan will be choosing the winners herself, and offering personal consultations along with the copies of her book. Who in their right minds would pass that up???

**The photos will not be used for anything other than personal consultations for the winners, so please do not fear! They will not be used in any sort of advertisement for Morgan or her book. I promise!**

So, let's have it. What was your worst hair cut? And what the heck were you thinking when you got it??


  1. When I was about 15 or so my hair was to my waist and had the back then, feathered bangs. I wanted curls so bad, my hair was straight as a board and decided to get one. Well back in 1975 they did not know how to perm long hair so I ended up cutting it off, getting the perm and looked like a poodle. My Mom hated it. It was not what I had in mind at the beginning, but it was what I ended up with. I have always worn my hair the same way, never could find the right hair style and still basically have my "70's" style except my hair will no longer grow to my waist.

  2. Hi Anonymous. Did you email a photo and your story to the email address listed above? Thanks for sharing the nightmare hairstyle. Sounds like it all worked out for the best though, in the end!

  3. No need to enter me, babe. I'm hopeless, despite the attentions of a wonderful diva named Tomas.

    I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you!

  4. Sigh... My worst hair style is entirely my own fault...
    In 9th grade, my hair hung down to the middle of my back. Everyone told me how long and beautiful my hair was.
    I decided I wanted to try my hand at trimming my hair... Well, it was pretty hard to cut hair that long evenly. By the time I was done, it hung just above my shoulders. I was terrified! Everyone was wowed that I had done it myself. Well, I still wanted to see if I could get it a little neater, but didn't want to risk getting rid of even more length, so I asked my mom (who had been cutting my hair for years) to trim it 'just a tiny bit'.
    Her idea of tiny and mine differ by about 4 inches. She cut my hair off to my ears, and liked to style it with a big flip at the end. I was so upset, I think I cried. (Last time she's ever come near my hair with anything more than her fingers...)
    It was so traumatic that I didn't cut more than an inch or two off my hair for over 6 years. I did manage to get a great shorter haircut, but I was so scared! Sigh- and 14 is SUCH a horrible age for an awful haircut!

    (Lori, I am also heading over right now to send my email... I just need to find a relatively normal picture of myself...)

  5. Oh wow Ashley. How brave of you. I have never cut more than bangs on myself. And even that is scary!!

  6. My worst has got to be the time I tried to cut my hair. All I can say is "Lesson learned". I was about 22 or so and everyone else had success so I thought I'd try it. I mean it was only a bob. All I can say is "Lesson learned". Now I leave it to the professionals.