Sunday, July 25, 2010

Author Teddy Wayne hangs with TNBBC this week

You are cordially invited to a week long meet and greet with Teddy Wayne, author of the fantastic debut novel KAPITOIL.

He joins the group tomorrow, July 26 and will hang with us until July 31st - answering any questions that you want to ask.

They do not need to be limited to the book, of course, but it wouldn't hurt to ask a few about that as well!!

Let's show him how we do things over at TNBBC and give him a great big welcome!!!

I look forward to seeing you there - Click here to meet him now!

(Once the week is over, I will be compiling all of the questions and answers into an interview format and posting it here. If you ask a questions that Teddy answers, I will credit you for the question in my blog post!)

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