Sunday, July 18, 2010

Double Yippee! I'm in Print, Again!!!

This has been a great week so far! Yesterday I had a portion of my review published in a press release for I Curse the River of Time, and today.....

I'm in the LA Times!!!!
You can find me and my quote on Page 3 of the article!

I was interviewed for this article last October by David Sarno and his partner in crime Alex, and then later photographed for the article. They asked all sorts of questions about The Next Best Book Club on Goodreads, how it started out, how it changed the way I read and experience books.... It was the coolest hour of my life!

Of course, when I read the article, I wondered why, of all the wonderfully brilliant things I had said, they decided on THAT quote! Ha! Hey, what can i say... I'm just tickled pink that I was able to be a part of the whole experience. How many people can say they were quoted in The LA Times???????

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