Monday, December 11, 2017

Tis the Season for Bacon's Log

Bacon'sLog is Clam Simmons' third book. Informed by back-up quarterbacks of the 90s, inspired by dollar items on the Burger King menu, Bacon's Log is the spiritual and mythic landscape of the post-industrial midwest. 

From the Prologue of Bacon's Log:

Let me be frank—not many of you will make it to the end. It is nothing personal—the chief obstacle is simple—the main character, Bacon, is as basic and regular as any typical human person you might meet. However once Bacon's particles are forced to collide with unforeseen and unmentionable circumstances you will unearth a tale of a regular human being thrust into an epic odyssey.

When asked what holiday drink might best be paired with Bacon's Log...
Clam intially contemplated boxed wine with candy canes. Then thought better of it and firmly declared that vodka, cranberry and red vines is the must see holiday jam-this side of wassail! 

Clam Simmons is currently in-process with a very prestigious children's soup tournament. You can connect at as well as some of the top internet web sites.

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