Friday, August 14, 2015

TNBBC Captains Up For a Good Cause

TNBBC stops at nothing to get great books into the hands of hungry readers. We host monthly book giveaways and play-dates with the authors because we love enhancing the reading experience. We share fun - and yes, sometimes goofy - blog series to bring you unique peeks at the coolest small press and indie books out there. Our team of review contributors work hard to write insightful and honest reviews for the site in the hopes of introducing you to your "next" best book!

And through it all, we've only ever asked that you tag along for the ride. 

Today, however, I am reaching out to you in a different way. 
I am going to ask for your support. 

At my real-life full-time job, I've stepped up to be our Alzheimer's Campaign Team Captain. So many of our organization's members have been affected by the disease. Some are caregivers to a family member suffering from Alzheimer's, some are living with the loss of a loved one. Some act as a support tool for friends who know and love someone with the disease. And in each of our facilities, we've stepped up to help drive donations towards the continued research, support, care, and awareness around Alzheimer's.

As Team Captain in my facility, it's my job to rally the different shifts - from our union associates to our supervisors to their managers - to donate to the cause all throughout the summer, through a variety of different fun and interactive and embarrassing activities like....

  • An Ice Bucket Challenge  - yup, just like the ALS challenge that went viral last year.
  • A Kiss the Pig fundraiser - where volunteers set a donation goal and promise to do outrageous things like wear a dress for a day (if they are a dude) and shave their head in the cafeteria or dye their hair purple if their goal is met
  • We're planning a carnival day where we'll have neat outdoor games where the associates can try to win cool Alzheimer's trinkets and gifts. 
  • A Donut and Coffee sale on morning break
  • A Penny War Challenge - where we war against each other's change jars, where pennies count and silver and dollar bills carry negative points.
  • A Pie in the Face fundraiser - which is so much more gross and so much less cool than you think!

For all of the cool events we have planned, we can't lose sight of the HUGE task ahead of us. Our corporate office set a goal for my facility of $20,000. And we're going to need all the help we can get to achieve that. I have created a team page on the Alzheimer's website and hope you'll help us support an amazing cause and help us win the war against this deadly disease.

Every dollar counts and we'd be eternally grateful for anything you might be able to give.

That's the link to our donation page. Please consider clicking it and making a donation.

For your generosity, I'd like to send you some books! I have a few unsolicited ARCs and finished paperbacks that are looking for a loving home. I'd love to ship them out to a couple of you! If you donate, be sure to make your donation visible by entering your name under Donor Recognition, and then stop by here and let me know you supported our cause. At the end of the donation period, I'll enter everyone's name into The Randomizer and mail out a package of books to a few lucky winners....

Here are some of the titles that may come your way, among many others:

What do you say? Big things can happen with a little change. Consider donating to a good cause. And land yourself a few good reads while you're at it!

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