Monday, July 13, 2015

Page 69: A Fair & Balanced Fuckfest: Where the News Cums Hard

The Page 69 Test is not mine. It has been around since 2007, asking authors to compare page 69 against the meat of the actual story it is a part of. I loved the whole idea of it and so I'm stealing it specifically to showcase small press titles - novels, novellas, short story collections, the works! So until the founder of The Page 69 Test calls a cease and desist, let's do this thing....

In this installment of Page 69, 
we put Mandy De Sandra's A Fair & Balanced Fuckfest to the test

Ok, Mandy set up Page 69 for us?

It is at the end of chapter 14. Sadly there is not much sex, but this is a pivotal point in the plot. One of the protagonists, Greg Gutfeld, learns that the deviant sex drug has infected the Fox News water supply because Fox News is having special guests Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Glenn Beck at the studio. Greg Gutfeld wants to make sure they don’t get infected with the deviant sex drug and turn into sex maniacs like other Fox News anchors. It is also the literal and figurative climax of the foursome between Ted Cruz, Gene Simmons, Geraldo, and Taylor Swift.

What is A Fair & Balanced Fuckfest: Where The News Cums Hard about?

Liberal Terrorists working with teamsters have drugged Fox News Studios Water! A drug designed by Left Wing scientists makes all who ingest it act out in extreme sexual deviant behavior. It is not only spread by ingesting the water, but also spreads through bodily fluids. Now all the anchors of America’s most trusted news network are becoming deviants acting out on their most wild and repressed fantasies. The few who have not been drugged including Greg Gutfeld, Bob Beckel, and John Stossel try to stop the drug from spreading before the O'Reilly Factor becomes A Fair & Balanced Fuck Fest.

Do you think this page gives our readers an accurate sense of what the novella is about? Does it align itself with the novella’s theme?

Yes and no. There is not much gonzo-style sex in the scene and it involves two non-political celebrities. Yet, it shows there is a plot to go along with the gonzo sex scenes, which I think always helps make for better porn, I mean Erotica. Overall, I think there are 400 political sex metaphors in the novella and I am sad there are not any on page 69.

The theme is when you repress your sexuality and use politics as entertainment you are just fucking yourself. Also, I don’t like their politics but I would love to have sex with a lot of the Fox News anchors. I have a huge crush on Greg Gutfeld; he is my little sexy man.

PS I love Taylor Swift. I didn’t want her in the book but my muse did. I answer to her or she whips me.



Mandy De Sandra is Erotica writer inspired by Bizarro Fiction and the sexy boys of South Park. She published her two novelettes: “The Maskerade Ball of DC: Where Masker Men, Become A Real Cinderella…to Men & Women of Power” and “Kirk Cameron & The Crocoduck of Chaos Magick”.  She works for the Dept. of Labor in the day and writes naughty stories at night. She enjoys gardening, The Greg Gutfeld Show, and baking for her man and their swinging friends. “A Fair & Balanced Fuckfest: Where The News Cums Hard” will be her first novella.   

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