Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hold My Blog Hostage

In the interest of bringing you fresh content as often as possible, we get a kick out of creating new and interesting features to call attention to small press authors and their books.

This time I think I might've taken things too far!?!

My latest series centers around the idea of authors kidnapping my blog for a week. A full-out, uncensored, 5 day long hostile takeover. Authors can use TNBBC to write guest posts on whatever topics float their boat, contribute to our current features, write reviews about their favorite novels... the wilder, the crazier, the better. We're talkin' complete control, captive audience, the whole kit-n-kaboodle!

But in order to kick things off, we need kidnappers. Shoot me an email at Tell me your deepest, darkest desires for the blog... then ball gag me and throw me in the trunk of your car while you jump in the drivers seat and take TNBBC by the wheel.

I promise I won't make too much noise.

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