Thursday, January 2, 2014

book review: Motherfucking Sharks

Read 12/31/13 - 1/1/14
4.5 Stars - As close to the next best book as a book can get / Strongly recommended to light bizarro fans and especially recommended to those who've never read bizarro before
Pgs: 124
Publisher: Lazy Fascist Press

Happy 2014 everyone!  Hope you rang in the new year like i did, curled up on the couch reading a great book.

I spent much of last night nose-deep in Brian Allen Carr's Motherfucking Sharks and I gotta tell you, it was a romping good time.  With a title like that... How can it NOT be?!

If I hadn't seen the Eraserhead Press 99 cent holiday Kindle sale this weekend, I might never have stumbled across it. Needless to say, when I saw this book,  I simply had to have it!

Motherfucking Sharks will have you thinking about thunderstorms differently, that's for sure. You won't be finding them all that sexy once Carr gets through with them.

His writing sucks you in and, like the shark's razor sharp teeth, digs deeply inside your flesh and leaves you gasping in panic and fear till the very end.

Do yourself a favor. If a tattooed stranger passes through town as a storm brews over the horizon,  pulling a cart full of harpoons, juggling an armful of skulls, warning you about motherfucking sharks,  don't ignore him. When it begins to rains, get ready.  And don't go pouncing through the pretty little puddles once the storm subsides.  Those Motherfucking sharks are forming inside the puddles.  And they're fucking hungry. And they'll eat you for dinner.

Those motherfucking sharks will tear you and your loved ones limb from limb and no amount of screaming or crying will save you. There is no place you can hide that they won't find you. They will keep tearing and munching and crunching through you until there is nothing left to munch and crunch through.

And then they will fade away to nothing and it will be like they never were. Except for your dead bodies, gutted and gory and strewn all over town.


  1. This sounds like it starts out a bit like Something Wicked This Way Comes...except motherfucking sharks instead of carnies.

  2. This one sounds insane! I'm slightly curious, though a bit worried that it's like that movie, Sharknado ...

  3. I never put myself through the grief of Sharknado, but I was thinking as I read that it kind of read the way I would imagine the show to be... with the sharks swimming out in the air. You HAVE to read it though, it was a fucking RIOT!

  4. Sharknado is now on Netflix....I might have to take the plunge!