Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting 'Steamy' With It... Nah Nah Nah Nah Nanah Nah

Oh god, do I love me some hot, steamy, quiet time with a good book when I'm feeling bad.

I've had a rough weekend. A co-worker, with whom I am very close, lost her job this weekend. I feel like I just lost a vital organ, and am suffering from a range of new and frustrating emotions because of it.

Though soaking in a tub full of lava-hot bath water doesn't help sooth my bruised emotions, it certainly works wonders on my tense shoulders and neck, aching arms and legs, and allows me a few uninterrupted moments to shut off the sad part of my brain while I relax with my current read.

I'm still hanging tough with Sophomoric Philosophy, or perhaps I should say that it is still hanging tough with me. I haven't been able to devote much time to the poor little guy - it's been one hell of a busy past two weeks. It's been around long enough that it's starting to feel like an old, supportive friend. I've become extremely comfortable with it, and look forward to picking it back up every night after work. It's gonna kill me when I get to the end and we finally have to say goodbye. So I'm trying to make what time we have left mean something.

Reading and bathing is a dangerous book-sport, but one that I find highly enjoyable. The hot water swirling around me as I lye back and try not to get my hands or the book wet as I finish page after page. The steam adding a slight curl to the corners of the pages... My toes and fingers pruning ever so slowly... Mmmmm....

Yes, folks, I've admitted it. I am a book-bather. What about about you? Where do you like to relax with a good book?


  1. Guilty! I get some of my best reading done in the tub. I'll even take my Nook. I'm that confident in my book balancing skills.

  2. I honestly read in the tub all the time. I love it. It relaxes me so much and I love being warm!! I told the bf that my only MUST for a house is that there is a HUGE tub so I can read and soak. lol

  3. I took a bath with my book today! :) I'm always super careful when I read in the tub, and I make sure I have a towel close by so that I can constantly dry my hands in they get wet. It's SO relaxing! :)

  4. Snap! I haven't taken a book bath in FOREVS, I need to get back on the book-bath wagon STAT, thanks for the awesome reminder, am sorry to hear about frustrations, hope everything resolves itself ASAtotheP.