Saturday, May 21, 2011

David Maine Goes Godless

Come join the celebration!

David Maine (author of biblical fiction novels such as The Preservationist and The Fallen) has gone paperless for his upcoming novel The Gamble of the Godless.

David was the catalyst for much of what TNBBC does today. A wonderfully kind and extremely humble human being, he made time to sit and chat with this fledling Goodreads-er and fan of his writing back in early 2009 in a NYC Barnes and Nobles coffeeshop. He helped me to realize that authors are people too, who can be easily flattered and embarassed, but who also have an immense passion for what they, and others like them, do.

Though his new eBook does not yet have an official release date (he hopes it will be ready for us by early-mid June), I would like to coordinate a book tour to help spread the word. Those who participate will get a free sample download of the novel once it becomes available.

If you haven't read any of Maine's novels before, now is the perfect time to start! And while you are there, why not friend him?

Interested in kick-starting a book tour with me? Comment below or contact me via email to get more information.


  1. I'm interested. How is this going to work?

  2. Ha! I loved the preservationist! I'm in! Woohoo!

    - Rena

  3. I'm curious about what you mean by biblical fiction. Of course I could find out by reading some pages of the book. I'm thinking about C.S. Lewis's Narnia book, the Left Behind Series, or something that draws heavily on Biblical prophecy.

  4. Hey guys, just got back from BEA. Let me get my thoughts together and reach out to you early this week. Top of my head, I'm thinking author interview, review of his previous books... to help generate buzz around the new eBook.

    Bill, his novels take a story from the bible and turn the characters into flesh and blood, with flaws and all. The Preservationist = Noah and the Ark. Fallen = Cain, Adam, and Eve. Really great stuff. Not preachy biblical writing like Left Behind (which I did enjoy) but written as a "I wonder if this is what took place".....

  5. Steve Himmer is in on this as well. More info to come soon, hang in there. I am waiting to hear back on a release date so we can schedule the book tour with it!

  6. Sounds extremely interesting.