Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Support Your Indies

No! I didn't mean Undies. I meant Indies! I finally jumped on the IndieBound bandwagon. I am very excited about this partnership for two reasons :


(1) 90% of what I read and review comes from self published authors and independent publishers. It simply makes sense that I promote these wonderful novels and companies through independent bookstores as well.

(2) Every time you click on the indiebound link located on my blogs sidebar, and purchase a book (whether or not it is one that I've reviewed here), I will receive a small percentage of the sale. This money will go towards bigger and better giveaways for you, my dear friends. How exciting is that?

Independent bookstores need our business. They are hard working, book loving folks, like you and me. Their shops were built on a foundation of love for the written word. Help them thrive and grow by making all of your book purchases through them.

I invite you to share your favorite independent bookshops here. Which bookstores do you shop at? Is there a story behind their shops name, or history? Do you have a favorite sales associate?

1 comment:

  1. I support the indies by purchasing a LOT of used books. Unfortunately, I live in the 'burbs, which means if I'm going to a brick and mortar store to buy new, I can only hit Borders or B&N.

    I'm iffy on Borders, but I think B&N is a corporate that does it right.