Monday, August 2, 2010

"My Formerly Hot Life " Giveaway

TNBBC is featuring another cool interactive book giveaway for a chance to win a copy of

This is an International contest, so everyone can enter.
The number of copies available all depends on the number of entries we have,
so the more entries we have, the more books I can giveaway!

Stephanie Dolgoff, author of "My Formerly Hot Life", runs a fun, informative blog on her website, and also has a pretty funny book trailer that hits home a little more than I would like to admit!

Stephanie and her novel "My Formerly Hot Life" asks us no-longer-young-but-not-yet-old people "What's Our Formerly"? What did you used to be that you aren't any more? What did you used to do that you just don't anymore?

And that is what TNBBC would like to you ask you.

Here are the Rules:

1- Enter here, or at TNBBC on Goodreads, by posting a comment that tells your Formerly story through a photo (holding a sign that says Formerly _____) or through words. (See Steph's book trailer to get an idea of what the photo's look like).

ex: Formerly went to nightclubs - or - Formerly Fashionable - or- Formerly Single.

2- The more honest the comment, the better your chances to win! C'mon guys and gals, I know you have some great Formerly stories to share with us!

3 - Contest will remain open until August 17th. Winners will be announced on the 17th. Remember, the more entries we have, the more books I can give away!

4- Be sure to include to your email address in your comment so that I can contact you if you win!


  1. While I am not eligible to enter, I thought I would share my Formerly with you.


    Oh yes, I remember when I used to have a concave belly. Of course, we are talking pre-kids. Back when I used to be able to eat anything I felt like and never gained a pound.

    Those were the days!

  2. Jeez, I could go on forever!

    FORMALLY, I was 20 and I went out and did as I please went out partying and could have any guy I wanted with very few bills and responsibilities!

    Now, I suck in my stomach and stare with an open mouth at any guy younger than me that walks by and now my nights are of me falling asleep when I oput my kids down at 8pm! (I work full time and go to grad school with 2 girls under 2!)

    You need me to continue!??!

  3. Oh Donna, we are all living the same lives nowadays, arent we? Much of what you said applies to my life as well... Thanks for entering!!!

  4. Not a problem! I live for complaining! ;-)

  5. Refusing to be Formerly!
    Why do we have to be "Formerly" hot just because we're not 20 and firm? Hot is a matter of opinion. How about "Formerly worried about being Formerly"? :-)

  6. Hi Techwriter, that's it! Buck the system! Refuse to be a Formerly!!! I like it!

  7. In the 60's I was sizzling hot
    In the 80's had that baby pot
    The new century saw gravity shot
    And now in my 60's I'm back sizzling hot!

  8. Formally firm. When I used to wave goodbye, I was able to do a pretty sweet impression of a beauty pageant contestant on a Fourth of July parade float. Now when I wave (at age 41), I'm able to do a darn good impression of Big Bird at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Dolgoff's book. It looks both funny and inspiring. (krstrpp at hotmail dot com)

  9. FORMERLY – a champion debater, able to close any argument, challenge any viewpoint, demolish any opinion(!).

    NOW – with 15 year old and 13 year old daughters, I lose every single argument I’m in, unless I use the nuclear option: “ . . . because. . . because . . . BECAUSE I SAID SO.”

    FORMERLY – I never knew I even HAD a nuclear option with words.

  10. Sorry, my email address is:

    Unlike TNBBC Super Mod, I'm eligible to win copy of the book and yes I will be utterly shameless about it - the book (if I win) is for my (hot) wife, whose birthday is August 16th (the truth!) - the same day as Madonna's birthday (O blessed icon of the 80's). How convenient is that!

  11. Krstrpp - I like that. Big Bird - awwww, how sad is it that I know exactly what you are talking about???!!

    John - Oh yes, the magic retort for all parents "Because I said so!" And then the kids magic comeback... "but why!!!" And teenage daughters, to boot? Oh man does my heart go out to you!

  12. Formerly second look-able.

    Less than a decade ago, I enjoyed the occasional second look while I was out with the girls or at the gym.
    Now, not THAT many years later, things have shifted and no amount of sleep cure the "you look so tired" eyes. As I say goodbye to my 20s I guess second looks too, will be a thing of my past.