Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy Twitter Dreams

Ok. So I think it is officially official. Twitter has not only taken over my waking hours, but it has now infiltrated my unconscious mind as well.

I had a crazy weird twitter dream last night.

"@BenTanzer @ericabrooke had a dream that the two of you ran in an all day race together and I was glued to twitter to see who won!"

This is what I tweeted this morning, as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes at 5:30am to see my oldest son off to school.

I woke up remembering a strange dream that starred Ben Tanzer, author of "99 Problems", and Harper Perennial Marketing Guru Erica Barmash in which they had both entered to compete in a marathon race. I found out about it and, knowing that they were both dedicate runners and were both on twitter, I monitored their progress as they raced - because somehow, they both found a way to tweet while they ran!

I was glued to tweetdeck, reading their tweets, which came in pretty steadily. They did not know each other before the race, though they would tweet about each other - hilariously commenting on each others form and choice of running gear, the fact that they were being passed by each other - since they were both at the head of the pack.

So many things are wrong with that dream on so many levels. It proves that my tweeting/blogging/addiction to publishing and books has gotten incredibly out of control!

It also proves that, subconsciously, I want to connect the people I know and like with other people I know and like that I know they will like knowing!

See, I happen know that both Ben and Erica are dedicated runners. And this dream comes on the tale end of Ben's newest release (which is apparently kicking ass and taking names!) which is all about running and writing.

Wonder what I will dream up next!!!


  1. I missed this before, but its very funny and I am quite digging it. I am also very narcissistic, and needy, but that's another story.

  2. Haha! Yay for digging it. Rereading it brought the dream back to me, what a strange thing to have my subconscious think up!!!