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Read 8/24/10 - 8/31/10
5 stars - Highly Recommended/ The Next Best Book

"Part science fiction fantasy, part action adventure and thriller, Gene Doucette creates the perfect balance of humor and edge-of-your-seat anticipation in this genre-defying story of an immortal man named Adam, who finds himself battling demons and bounty hunters in his eternal search for Eve, the red haired mystery woman of his dreams. Witty and wonderful, with a bite of sarcasm, Immortal is a five star read for any fiction lover. " (Book Blurb submitted by yours truly!)

I have the extremely amazing honor of being the first person to write a review on Gene Doucette's debut novel, which will be released on Amazon.com October 1st by HIP (Hamel Integrity Publishing).

In "Immortal", we are introduced to Adam, our immortal but not invincible quazi-hero, as he awakens confused and disoriented nursing a massive hangover from beneath a futon at a college frat party, immediately puting his reliability as a narrator into question. But don't worry guys, it's all part of Adam's charm.

Witty sarcasm, quick quips, and an uncanny knack to self-preserve at all costs, our leading man quickly endears himself to you. We find ourselves drawn to him, not unlike the way one is drawn to the scene of an accident, nudging and jostling one another for a better view of the carnage.

Believing he is one of a kind, Adam asks the reader not to mistake him for a vampire. No, he doesn't age and does not get sick, though he is most certainly capable of dying. He has no super powers to speak of, though he is fluent in every language that has ever existed and can blend in with whatever culture he is hanging out in.

And he is searching for a red haired mystery woman who haunts his dreams throughout myriad millennia. Little does he know that while he searches for her, someone else is searching for him, and will stop at nothing to find him - leaving a bloody trail of unfortunate bodies in it's wake.

Adam narrates our novel through two time lines - The italicized text at the beginning of each chapter is Adam's current timeline where he appears to have been captured and locked away with a mad scientist who is determined to discover the why's and how's of his immortality. The main text recaps all of the wild and crazy events that lead up to Adam's eventual capture.

Along the way we meet tricky iffrits, whimsical pixies, sexy vampires, and armored dragons as Adam finds himself on the run on more than one occasion, forced to battle demons and bounty hunters, while trying to uncover who is coming after him.

A rapid fire, unrelenting wild rumpus of a ride - Immortal earned it's spot as the Next Best Book. Everyone will find something to love, and everyone should sign up to purchase a copy come October 1st! Do not miss this hilarious, edge-of-your-seat action packed thriller. Or I will come find you and harass you until you do! You have NO IDEA what you are missing!!!

For additional information on the author and his novel, and to sample a chapter of Immortal - view his website here.

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