Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blogger Spotlight: Meet Ash

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you to Ash. She runs the literary book blog "Books From Bleh to Basically Amazing". She is a newbie to the blogging world, not quite a month old yet, and has landed two, count 'em, two giveaways from my blog!!

She has recently reviewed both of them - "The Map of True Places" by Brunonia Barry, and "The Book" by M. Clifford - and I wanted to share them with you, my fellow bloggers.

Of course, I should preface this by admitting my intentions here are two-pronged. First and Foremost, I want to spotlight Ash for remaining true to her word and reviewing the books she won here, as well as her gorgeous blog. At a close second, I am hoping this will entice other bloggers out there to submit entries in future contests and giveaways here!!

Back to Ash and her reviews --

She first reviewed "Map of True Places", which was a book she would not have normally picked up for herself. I want to share her review with you because I feel it outlines what a good, honest review should look like. While I am sorry that she wasn't thrilled with the book, Ash criticizes the book by using examples of the things she did not like, and yet did not let those things stand in the way of her appreciation for the story itself.

While I had NO DOUBT that she would love M. Clifford's "The Book", she wrote an extremely well thought out summary and spoke about the emotions his novel evoked in her. Ash warns readers not to "follow blindly. Question everything."

Many thanks to Ash for her interest in these books, and for sharing her reviews with us! And many thanks again to the people who made those books available for me to giveaway.

Who knows, you may be the next blogger to be spotlighted here! I look forward to seeing you around.


  1. Yay! Ashley's blog rocks! :D

  2. It does. She's doing a great job, and well, like I mentioned above, she's managed to land herself TWO giveaways from my blog!!

  3. Thanks Lori! I feel all warm and fuzzy now! That was a great spotlight! The spotlights are a great idea too! Thanks so much!
    And thanks to you too Becky- I'm glad you like my blog! Yours is also great!

  4. Oh hooray for Ashley!! (she's my cousin!)

  5. Here is the link to my reply/Thank you post! :)

  6. Her stuff looks so awesome! I noticed that the blog turned into a parenting site, though. Doh!