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Blog Tour: The Last Days of Hong Kong


We're happy to help Meerkat Press support the release of their latest title The Last Days of Hong Kong by participating in their blog tour. And if you're at all into winning free stuff, they're running a giveaway where you can potentially win a $50 book shopping spree.

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Time to grab a book and get tipsy!!!

Books & Booze challenges participating authors to make up their own drinks, name and all, or create a drink list for their characters and/or readers using drinks that already exist. 

With the release of the final book of my Noir Fantasy trilogy Witch of Empire, it feels like time to settle down with a celebratory drink. Straight bourbon for me, as it seems appropriate for a series so obviously inspired by film noir. A series Cassandra Khaw says, “Tastes like subways and smoke and whiskey-filled nights.”

But that begs the question. What do the character’s drink?



Straight Gin. She drinks to get drunk, as cheaply and efficiently as possible. Using a mixer feels like lying about what she’s setting out to do.


In the old days, she was partial to French Martinis, now that her selections are somewhat more limited, she mostly drinks Sully.


Picture, if you will, the most garishly coloured drink upon the cocktail menu. Garnished with enough fruit to put an end to scurvy, not one, but three paper umbrellas and a curly straw. It is full of ice, and luminous liqueurs that are normally only found on the top shelf behind the bar, entirely unused. As he drinks it, it changes colour while he works through the various layers. The name of this drink is likely to be mildly obscene.


A devoted brandy fan who has now been reduced to drinking light beer, because his darling wife doesn’t much care to see him drunk. Without a bad influence around to take him out drinking, he is actually sticking to her stricture.


During his creative periods, the Prime Minister partakes in Sazerac cocktails, just the misting of absinthe is enough to hold his finely tuned palette hostage. He is also a prodigious taster of wine, though he rarely drinks any decent quantity of it nowadays.

Mol Kalath

It is unclear if giant demonic crows actually need to drink anything.


As a chef, he has seen far too many talents burn out in a haze of liquor, so he himself refrains from alcohol, preferring soft drinks. He has a particular penchant for milkshakes, but suffers dreadfully as a result, due to his lactose intolerance.


If giant demonic crows don’t need to drink, then dolls most assuredly do not. At best, any offered drink might soak into his fabric and stain him.


The Sidecar cocktail of brandy, lemon juice and orange liqueur remains her favourite, and the faint aroma of oranges seems to follow her around like a cloud of perfume.

La Plongeon

A Red Snapper is his drink of choice. Vodka, lemon juice, tomato juice. An affectation he picked up in Paris before the great war, and never managed to shake. Even though Vodka is practically impossible to export from the Khanate.


A Kvasya, served in a tall glass. Cinnamon, vodka and kvass. Simple.


Released October 5, 2021


Book 3 in the Witch of Empire series

In the aftermath of the war, Iona “Sully” Sullivan has lost everything; her job, her friends, her fiancé and even her magic. But when an old friend shows up on her doorstep, offering her the chance to undo one of her long litany of mistakes, there is still enough of the old Sully left to get her on the first boat to Hong Kong. A stranger in a strange land, Sully must navigate alien customs, werebear chefs, the blossoming criminal underworld, religious extremists, Mongol agents, vampire separatists, and every other freak, maniac or cosmic leftover with an iota of power as they all compete for a chance at the most valuable prize in all the world; a little sailor doll named Eugene, and the last wish on earth.

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 G.D. Penman is the author of more books than you can shake a reasonably-sized stick at, including series like Witch of Empire, Savage Dominion, Deepest Dungeon and The Last King. Before finally realizing that the career advisor lied to them about making a living as an author, G.D. Penman worked as an editor, tabletop game designer, and literally every awful demeaning job that you can think of in-between. Nowadays they can mostly be found writing fantasy novels and smoking a pipe in the sunshine. They live in Dundee, Scotland with their partner, children, dog and cats. Just . . . so many cats.

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