Monday, September 9, 2019

Tabitha Vohn Takes it to the Toilet

Oh yes! We are absolutely running a series on bathroom reading! So long as it's taking place behind the closed  (or open, if that's the way you swing) bathroom door, we want to know what it is. It can be a book, the back of the shampoo bottle, the newspaper, or Twitter on your cell phone - whatever helps you pass the time...

Today, Tabitha Vohn takes it to the toilet. She is the recipient of the B.R.A.G Medallion and the Awesome Indies Badge of Approval for her novel, Tomorrow is a Long Time. She is a writer, poet, painter, musician, wife, daughter, and friend. She is an advocate of compassion for all living things. Her latest novel They Tried to Forget was just released in July. 

What Tabitha Vohn is Reading in the Bathroom

It all started with the Berenstain Bears. Anything to take a little girl's mind off of going #2!

Now (many moons later), I use my bathroom time to indulge in the kind of guilty pleasure reading that I would not otherwise allow myself: magazines! And recently--even more indulgent than that--old faves. Yeah, that's right; trips through my teenhood.

Jane magazine was my ultimate. It was unlike any fashion/celeb rag I'd encountered and, for a girl in the 90's whose choices were often limited to the likes of Seventeen, Vogue, or Glamour, it was pretty groundbreaking. It was hip before hipster was a thing. Sure, towards the end, it got kinda porn-y and scary, and I wasn't always onboard with their politics; but in early years, it was the bombdigity. Jane was that crazy, unstable, bohemian friend who was alluring and dangerous but you nevertheless wanted to be best friends with. I followed reporters into White Supremacy groups, Hooters (as a waitress), survivalist camps, polygamous groups, women in the Middle East forced to wear burqas...I heard about the music and film and fashion that the mainstream was not talking about. And I read interviews with celebs that were intelligent, thoughtful, and human.

So, for now, I'm enjoying climbing back through the rabbit hole. Maybe it's the comfort of the familiar; maybe a fierce denial of the present. For whatever reason, this trip down memory lane offers a delicious escape (even if it's just from thinking about #2). 

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