Monday, January 1, 2018

Our 2018 RWTFYW Reading Challenge

Happy 2018 everyone! 

Instead of creating another painstakingly gorgeous-in-theory-but-ultimately-unachievable reading list, this year I thought it would be all kinds of fun to just read whatever the fuck we want whenever the fuck we want to and enjoy every fucking minute of it. 

But I couldn't exactly name the reading challenge Read Whatever The Fuck You Want Whenever The Fuck You Want To and Enjoy Every Fucking Minute Of It, so I decided to shorten it. 

Thus, RWTFYW!!!

The rules are as ridiculously simple or as frustratingly difficult as you want them to be. You set your goals, or go goaless! You set your reading parameters, or say screw parameters! 

It's whatever the fuck you want to make it!!!

If you want us to follow you along on your RWTFYW reading challenge, create a new topic for your challenge in this folder, and let us know what and how you'll be reading, and we promise to cheer you on every step of the way!!!

GO, readers GO!!!! 

(I think this is my most brilliant reading challenge ever, mwahahaha!)

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