Saturday, August 31, 2013

Book Giveaway: The Waiting Tide

Since July 2010, TNBBC has been bringing authors and readers together every month to get behind the book! This unique experience wouldn't be possible without the generous donations of the authors and publishers involved.

I'm excited to to bring you next month's 
Author/Reader Discussion book!

We will be reading and discussing The Waiting Tide
with author/poet Ryan W Bradley

In order to stimulate discussion, Ryan and his publisher,
Curbside Splendor  are giving away 8 paper copies to US residents only
and PDF's are available internationally! 

Here's the goodreads description to whet your appetite:

Coming fall of 2013, a book written as a tribute to Pablo Neruda's The Captain's Verses: The Waiting Tide by Ryan W. Bradley. Presented in both English and Spanish. Ryan is an American poet and artist hailing from the great state of Oregon.
"The Waiting Tide is a love letter paying homage to Neruda, to the flow of tides and language. Ryan W. Bradley’s sensual language washes over you in waves."

And here's my two cents:

Ryan W Bradley is second only to Rod McKuen when it comes to tickling my heart and lady-parts with his words. That's right, I said it. His poetry touches me in all the most inappropriate ways and I simply cannot get enough. This particular collection, an ode to Pablo Neruda's The Captain's Verses, contains some of the most passionate and love-drenched poetry I've read in a long, long time. Ryan, much like McKuen, has this incredible knack of taking a single, intimate moment and by turning it over and over again in his hands, stretches it into a lifetime into which he is born, lives and dies, and becomes born into again.

This giveaway will run through September 8th. 
Winners will be announced here and via email on September 9th.

Here's how to enter:

1 - Leave a comment stating why you'd like to receive a copy of the book. You MUST be a resident of the US to win a paper copy, so please state your preference and where you reside.

2 - State that you agree to participate in the group read book discussion that will run from October 15th through the end of the month. Ryan W Bradley has agreed to participate in the discussion and will be available to answer any questions you may have for him. 

 *If you are chosen as a winner, by accepting the copy you are agreeing to read the book and join the group discussion at TNBBC on Goodreads (the thread for the discussion will be emailed to you before the discussion begins). 

 3 - Your comment must have a way to contact you (email is preferred). 



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  2. I would like a copy of this book please. I love poetry!! I live in Indiana. My name is Brittany and my email is Thank you.

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  4. It would be wonderful to win a copy of this book. Unfortunately for me, I have not read The Captain's Verses, but this giveaway has prompted me to download a copy. I look forward to enjoying both Neruda's prize-winning poetry and Bradley's poetic tribute (which I hope will also enjoy literary success!).

    I am a US resident and agree to participate in the group discussion. My email address is

    Thank you!

  5. I would like a copy of this book because I love poetry and I have felt like I am losing my creative side due to too much technology. My name is Julie and my email is you.

  6. Congrats to all commentors. You've each landed a copy of the book! Emails coming your way!

  7. I would love to win a copy of this book! I too have not read The Captain's Verses, but I am looking everywhere for it.
    I am a US resident, and would like to participate in the book discussion. My email is

  8. I would love a copy! I will gladly participate actively as well!