Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mrs. Cranky Pants

Yeah. You heard me. I'm wearing my cranky pants this week. What'cha gotta say about it?

I'm having one of those weeks where everything seems to go to pot all at the same time. Shopping for a new refrigerator has left me frustrated that my kitchen is not bigger. All the cool models are much too wide. The color we need is not available in most of the models that DO fit. Grrr.....

Work is not agreeing with me this week either. My boss and my office-mate are on vacation and while my boss left me the keys to his kingdom, he also left me with no one to vent to - and everyone who knows me knows that I must vent or I will explode!!!!

Perhaps my change of mood has been evident in my lack of posts this week too? I'm going on nearly a week.. that is totally unlike me. But my head just is not in the game at the moment.

The good news? There is a book blogger brunch for the greater NYC area bloggers hosted by Nicole of Linus's Blanket, and I am very much looking forward to attending and meeting some cool new people! But I will only attend if I can shake off this grouchy bug that has latched onto me. Anyone know a good surgeon, just in case?


  1. Cool blog. Hopefully your feelings will change and you'll find someone to vent to! I'm doing this class assignment so I have to go to blogs that I'm interested in and follow them. #Friendly High School.

  2. I smiled when I saw the title of this post and the photo captures the mood perfectly. Sometimes, it's nice to know I'm not the only person having 'one of those days (or weeks).'

  3. Thanks Danyelle. Interesting, schools force you to follow blogs now? My how the world has changed!

    Monica, I am still a bit on the cranky side, but we had our taxes done yesterday and the refund certainly made me smile!