Monday, February 28, 2011

"The Ghost Trap" Group Read Giveaway

TNBBC is proud to partner with K.Stephens and Leapfrog Press to bring you
The Ghost Trap Group Read Giveaway!!

Here's the Goodreads description:
The haunting story of a young lobsterman, Jamie Eugley, who is struggling with the grinding responsibilities of a head-injured fiancée and mounting trap wars. Written with sensitivity and rich description, this is a piercingly accurate depiction of life in a small Maine lobstering community.
I see great group read potential with this novel and we are in luck because author K. Stephens has agreed to make herself available for an online month long author/reader discussion over at TNBBC Goodreads for the month of April. In order to make the group read and discussion possible.....

Leapfrog has generously made 10 copies available for giveaway!

5 International and 5 US copies

In order to snag a copy, you must:

1 - Post a comment here stating your interest in the novel, whether you are international or a US resident, and leave me a way to contact you. If your comment is missing any of this information, it will be considered ineligible.

2- Agree to participate in a group read book discussion that will run during the month of April over at TNBBC on Goodreads. K. Stephens has agreed to participate in the discussion and will be available to answer any questions you may have for her.

By commenting, you are agreeing to read the book and join the group discussion at TNBBC on Goodreads (the thread for the discussion will be emailed to you at the first of the month).

It's first come, first serve so the first 5 international commenters, and the first 5 US commenters will secure a copy for themselves for the group read.

The contest ends when the last copy of each set of 5 has been claimed.

So don't hesitate!

However, if you are not a winner, no worries. You can purchase a copy of the novel or simply join in on the discussion to ask K. Stephens questions about the writing and publishing process... All are welcome!


  1. I am interested in K. Stephens' The Ghost Trap novel. I would love to participate in April's discussion. I am a US resident.
    Erica Spangler

  2. Whoo hoo.. You got it, Erica! Thanks for the interest. An email will be sent out once the other copies have been claimed.

  3. I would like to read The Ghost Trap and participate in the the group discussion in April.


    littleone AT shaw DOT ca

  4. Hi PoCoKat! You have locked in an international copy!

    4 US and 4 International to go....

  5. Lori, I'd love to join in the fun! I have been a bad, bad girl, not spending nearly enough time over at TNBBC, so this is a good way to get me back over there!!

    I am a US reader and solemly swear to participate in the group thread on the book (which sounds very cool, I might add!) I can be reached through my email,

    Thanks to you, K. Stephens, and Leapfrog for a lovely giveaway!!

  6. You got it KT!

    3 US copies left, 4 International.

  7. I live in Israel. This book sounds interesting to me. Would love to participate in a discussion!

    renarossner at gmail dot com

  8. Of course I will take a copy!!! I would be honored! I am a US resident as well!!!

  9. Rena, excellent, a copy is all ready for you!
    And Donna, you as well!

    2 US and 3 International copies left...

  10. This sounds like a sweet story, and I'd love to read it and participate in the discussion. I'm a US resident. :o)

    resurrectedwarrior (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. You got it, Hammond!

    1 US and 3 International to go...

  12. Oh, me! I'm a US resident. And a member of TMBBC, so I'll be at the discussion.

    loudquietgirl (at)

  13. LoudQuietGirl - you snagged the final US copy!

    only 3 international copies left!!!

  14. If the international copies don't end up being taken, I'd like one! I'm also a member of TNBBC, so I'll be there.

  15. Ok Danie... you want it, you got it!

    2 US copies left!

  16. I would love to get a copy if one is still available. Im available for to discuss and review it :) Gotta love being on vacation.

    So If you have one available, Im here for ya :)

    Jason (Book Sniper)

  17. Oh sorry If I did a couple of reposts, I was doing over my phone, but its been acting up lately.

    My email is:

    Jason BookSniper

  18. Hooray Jason, you got the second to last copy!
    I love that I am getting some interest from newer members!

    1 US copy left!!!!!!!

  19. I'd like a copy, i'm international and i agree to join April's book discussion.

  20. I would like a copy please. I live in Massachusetts, and I would love to read this book and participate in your discussion. Thank you,
    Ron Strickland 206-696-2187 [PS: I am very impressed by your book viseo!]

  21. Hi Ron, sadly, all of the copies were claimed at the beginning of the month. But thank you for the interest. In the future, an email is preferrable as a way to contact!