Monday, January 17, 2011

TNBBC Merchandise

Are you a TNBBC addict? Do you hang out with us on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and the blog? Are you sitting there wondering how you can get your hands on some TNBBC merchandise?

Look no further! You can now be a walking TNBBC billboard by simply whipping out your credit card and clicking here.

TNBBC merchandise can be purchased at our page - everything from Tshirts to hoodies, mugs to stickers, baseball caps, and kiddie clothes. There are even three designs to choose from!

Not only am I the creator of TNBBC, I am a customer as well! Take a peek at me sporting my white TNBBC ringer Tshirt on the sidebar to the right (wayyy at the bottom) in a photo with author Teddy Wayne and again in a photo with Harper Perennial's Erica and fellow blogger friend Jamie. Not only is it a cool looking Tshirt, it's great quality and still looks brand new after tons of trips through the washer!!

For every item you purchase, $2 to $5 dollars will be refunded to me to be placed into a TNBBC fund that I will put towards book/gift card giveaways throughout the year. There's a catch, though... Cafepress only releases the refund once TNBBC's account has accumulated $25 or more.

Help support TNBBC as it continues to bring you book reviews, author interviews, author/reader book discussions and fun blog features while offering you bigger and better giveaways! And look pretty fucking rad while doing it!!

My name is Lori, and I approve this blog-post :)

(Photo Credit goes to Philip)


  1. I like the new background! It makes me smile!

  2. Thanks Ashley. I am still a little unsure. It looks kinda comic-book-ish.... But I love the photo...

  3. It's good, but you change it fairly often, right? If you don't like it for long term, just have it now. It's fun! :)

  4. I do, mostly because I haven't found one that really makes me happy :)

  5. OIC. I personally liked it better before... The one big stretched out picture looks a little distorted, and makes it harder to tell what is happening.

    Is there a way to put the picture in the header, and do something different on the background?

  6. I just got so frustrated I threw my hands up and went with something simple. I liked the tiled photo in the background but hated the way the header looked. And I couldn't figure out how to get it all to mesh...

    Designing a blog is frustrating..... Geesh!

  7. Lol. No joke. I found something simple and easy, pre-designed and I used that. And, I have no plans to change. I don't feel like I need anything fancier, although I know there are a lot of great, more personalized designs I could go for.
    Mine works for me though, and I've just decided to let it be. :)