Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Phone...or...My Friends?

Oh dear. I sorta knew it would come to this. I do not want to choose between my phone or my friends. At the break table, I am chewing and swallowing my breakfast, scrolling down through Twitter on my sexy little phone, and the people I used to socialize with are heckling me. One of them attempted to kidnap it. Sometimes they even leave an empty seat on every side of me. They don't understand the NEED to check my twitter-feed. I only have 20 minutes. It isn't enough time to Tweet AND chat. So much is happening, so many hashtags to follow, I cannot fall behind. I blink and twenty more tweets drop into my lap. There is not even enough time to tweet myself, only time to catch up. Feverishly scrolling against the clock, still reading the tweets from 5am, 6am, 7am...choking down my breakfast. They try to suck me into their break table conversation, but I only have a few minutes left. Reading the tweets from 8am, 9am, Ok, I think I am caught up... One second guys - let me just refresh the screen and SHIT! Twenty more tweets drop into my lap. They are whispering about me now, I am the butt of their jokes, I just know it. But damn it, I am so close to the end. And then the bell rings. We gather our garbage and tuck in our chairs and head back to work. So it appears I have chosen. Oh Phone, don't fail me now. They will not take me back without a fight.

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