Saturday, March 20, 2010

Robots Will Be the Death of Us!

Read 3/16/10 - 3/19/10
3-4 Stars - Recommended to readers familiar with genre/ Strongly recommend

Funny thing about robots. You never know when they are going to attempt to kill you and rule the world.

David Simpson created a world in which his characters can remain forever young, never suffer physical pain, download intelligence upgrades, and simply think something to make it happen - all with the help of mini robots called Nans, that lived inside of them.

Flying instead of walking, interplanetary travel, setting your body to awaken you and put you to sleep, never having to watch a loved one die... It was heaven on Earth.

Until James and his crew of terraformers return home after a day of working on Venus to discover everyone, every last upgraded human that is, dead. Sticking together and in search of the Purists - a group of humans who choose to live natural, normal lives - James and his team take on the greatest battle of their lives: Fighting the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to save the world and the galaxy.

I really enjoyed this novel. Being a fan of science fiction, both old and new, I found myself comparing this dystopian, futuristic tale to stories like "I, Robot", "Minority Report", "The Day the Earth Stood Still", and "AI"... as it seems to be influenced by bits and pieces of each. Technology - the very thing we create - being the one thing that ends up threatening our very lives. An artificial intelligence that develops a sense of self, that wishes to exterminate it's creators, that sees us as an infestation, a nuisance.

Don't let the 3 stars fool you. I am simply recommending this novel to people who are already fans of Sci-Fi. With characters that can fly through space and use their mind's eye to create a force field around themselves, and mini-robots that live inside you, heal your wounds, and report any evil or extramarital thoughts and intentions.. I can see how this novel may not be to every one's taste.

For those of you who enjoy a good old fashioned man vs robot/mainframe story with great twists and turns, this book is absolutely for you!!

Many thanks to David Simpson for sending me this copy to review. He is currently working on a sequel to "Post-Human" and is also in the process of turning this novel into an e-comic!! Check out more information here.

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