Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Book Buying Splurge of the Year

Oh Yes! It's that time of the month again...(no, no, not THAT time!)... Bethlehem Library held their "every other month for two days" gigantic book sale. I never miss this sale. It's a peaceful 30 minute drive, and I'm guaranteed to walk out of there with an armful of books.

The library is located on church street, which is a lovely little slice of heaven to walk down on a day like today - when the single digit chills of last week have given way to a high of 40 and melt away all the snow. Take a peek... The library is located at the end of this street:
The library hosts the book sale in the basement, which is set up just like a book store - books are shelved by genre, and then alphabetical by author. I have a worn path into the carpeting, almost always following the same book-hunting pattern: The classic shelves first, then off to the newer trade paperbacks, next the Sci-Fi section, followed by the hardcover contemporaries, swing around the children's section, then head for the back of the line, which tends to be incredibly long.

Bethlehem library holds its sales on a single Thursday and Saturday every other month. Most paperbacks are a buck, hardcovers for $3, childrens books for 50 cents. I used to go on Thursdays, as soon as it opened, and I would walk out with 15-20 books of my own, not counting what my sons would pick. Since my work schedule has changed, I now drive out there on Saturday. I arrive armed with my recyclable Barnes and Nobles bag, because I never know how many incredibly cheap and wonderful books I might adopt, and my poor arms get tired so easily.

Here is my somewhat weak splurge from the sale today:
Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol

Alexandre Dumas - The Last Cavalier

Max Barry - Company

Tarquin Hall - The Case of the Missing Servant

Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions

Leonie Swann - Three Bags Full

Katherine Miller Hanes - The Winter of Her Discontent

Not pictured here: Jasper Fforde - Lost in a Good Book.
The reason it is not pictured? I somehow, somewhere along the line, have purchased this book in the past! hahahaha...! Perhaps you are wondering how I could not know I already owned a copy of this? Take a peek at my goodreads shelf - it's called "Owned Not Yet Read", and it currently contains 235 books in it. Which means I have 235 unread novels sitting here in my house!! (I am actually surprised I don't have more unintentional duplicates...) I also think the book sale has less to offer me each time I go because I own so darn many already!!

Now to just find time to read some of them :)

To find out more about this sale, or to locate library and used book sales in your area, check out booksalefinder.

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