Monday, October 26, 2020

Hosho McCreesh's Guide to Books & Booze / Fall Edition


Time to grab a book and get tipsy!!!

Books & Booze challenges participating authors to make up their own drinks, name and all, or create a drink list for their characters and/or readers using drinks that already exist. 

However, I'm breaking my own rules because 2020 has been a literal shitshow and covid threw a nasty wrench in so many small press authors and publisher's plans for their book releases. So we're saying FUCK IT and just throwing all the booze at all of the books for the hell of it!

Welcome to the boozey Fall Edition!!!

Today, we welcome Hosho McCreesh as he shares some insight into his drunk poetry slash gutter autobiography, and by god it's all doused in a delightful amount of alcohol!!! Check it out...

Five Truths: 

A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst - Unabridged Audio


A Truth: drinking is great...when it's great. And it's terrible when it's terrible. It has a value that is difficult to quantify -- and a price that's sometimes all too easy to see and feel.


It contains multitudes, as ol' Uncle Walt might say.


And so do we.


This was always what the book was after.


Another truth: this book has been incorrectly categorized. It's drunk poetry, sure, but it's something else entirely. It's gutter-autobiography in free verse, it's memoir splashing about in the bloody dregs. The book is a drunken heart blown open -- wide as a busted bunker crater.


More truth: I can't hardly drink like I used to. I can't even really drink as much as I maybe want to. Life is cruel like that. Just as soon as you find a way to save things that are otherwise lost, the world conspires to strip those meager comforts away. It's not fair, sure, but at least it encourages us to constantly seek out new salvations.


The penultimate truth: I made the audio version of A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst mainly for myself. The 36 other readers on the project are family, friends, and folks I admire. Hearing their readings, their takes, many of them not just reading but remembering while they do -- that's the juice, man...the real loot. It's a kind of official record scratched out...the DrunkSkull Scrolls. It's a mythology forever linked with my tiny little pedestrian experiences with death and love -- which is to say my own redemption. To have these recordings down and done and saved and stored means I will always have at least 3 and a half hours of pure, mad heart and pain and madness and joy at my fingertips...and what else are we supposed to do with these little lives we;ve been given? Our time on this hurtling rock should be spent saving all we can, remembering all the gut-laughs and the gulags. save our hearts and lives and help however me might.


This was one way I could help.


The final truth: goddammit, we gotta laugh. As hard as this life can sometimes be, as much shit as we're sometimes made to swallow, to survive -- an undefeated laugh to the heavens and the stars is a kind of cheapjack invincibility -- one we can all afford. It's telling those capricious gods that, despite their lunatic machinations, they can't take it all...that our hearts will fight and refuse to keep quiet. 


And A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst is one of our sad and heartbroken and swilling, fighting, cackling war songs.


As for a drink to accompany: as I said, I can't get tore up like before. Instead, I tend toward a quick and simple sip. I stick a bottle of Casamigos in the freezer until it gets snowflakes. Then I pour out a tall measure in a frozen double-shot glass. It sheets over with a frosty film and the hot pads of my fingertips leave cataracted eyes such that I might stare into the soul of the drink itself...and maybe chuckle along with a few drunk poems, read by a bunch of gorgeous accents, while I go. 


And I invite all you kindred spirits to join me.


Purchase Link: Author Website


For your listening pleasure, 

Sample some of the drunk poems below!!

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