Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Review: Marigold

Read 2/24/16
5 Stars - Highly Recommended / The Next Best Book
Pages: 138
Publisher: Kingshot Press
Releases: March 2016

An inverse review in live-tweets of MARIGOLD. 

Warning: this book is basically a series of sad, heart-clutching, suicidal vignettes. I wanted so badly to reach inside the pages and give the narrator a hug. Or maybe a smack across the face. And then a hug. 

Painfully beautiful. Perfectly neurotic.

  1. I just inhaled Troy James Weaver's MARIGOLD. two and a half hours. one sitting. It drops on March 11th. Do yourself a favor and get it.
  2. Does that make you just want to crush this dude with love?
  3. more from MARIGOLD - i want to spill my soul to a perfect stranger who actually gives a shit, just to know what that might feel like
  4. seriously, he just handed me a paper with 10 complete-these-sentences all about death. It's an assignment he is working on
  5. Synchronicity - reading a book about a narrator who is contemplating death and having my hubby hand me a sheet with 10 questions about death
  1. I mean, fuck, right? Who HASN'T said jerky things to someone when you know you are being jerky but you just can't seem to stop?
  2. to relate to someone who is like 10 years younger than you but they irk you and you are jerk to them and you know it and can't stop
  3. oh my. is it wrong to empathize with a jerky male narrator? -He reminds me so much of myself at his age it makes me want to kill him
  4. yes, I'm live-tweeting the book I'm reading. no, I'm not sorry.
  5. MARIGOLD is a series of sad, heart-clutching vignettes. I want so badly to reach inside the pages and give the narrator a hug.
  6. When contemplating suicide, the narrator of MARIGOLD thinks - Maybe I'll take a sick day when I do it? That way I'm getting paid.
  7. Just starting MARIGOLD. - I dial up the suicide prevention hotline, get a busy signal, and wonder if that's a sign of the times

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  1. Goodness. And MARIGOLD is such a completely upbeat and sunshiney title!