Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preview 2012 Releases: Code For Failure and Radio Iris

There's nothing better, in my opinion, than getting a sneak peek at some of the books you are dying to see released... if for no other reason than the fact that it really whets the appetite and kicks the pining into high gear.

Two of the books I am really looking forward to reading in early 2012 just dropped previews today, and I am really excited to share them with you. And have I ever steered you wrong, oh reader?

The first is Ryan Bradley's Code for Failure. It's the story of a gas station attendant in Oregon who is hell bent on living life his way, even if it takes a Shiva-like path of destruction to do it.

You can listen to Ryan read from the first two chapters here.

Check out Code for Failure's Facebook Page for updates on the book, which releases March 27th under Black Coffee Press.

By no means second is Anne-Marie Kinney's Radio Iris. It's the story of  a twenty-something daydreamer and receptionist for a company, whose purpose she is unclear of, where strange things begin to happen.

You can read a 13 page sample of the novel here.

The book releases May 15th under Two Dollar Radio. You can check out their Indie Book Buzz of the novel right here on TNBBC.

Two awesome indie books, from two wonderful indie presses. Go ahead, give them a look-see. I'd be shocked if they don't end up on your must-have lists......


  1. They both sound cool, but number one has a bottle of booze on the cover so I will read it first. I have my priorities...

  2. haha.. very much appreciate your honesty!!

  3. I'm so glad I asked John to draw that bottle in there :)