Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Blue Sweater Contest Winners

4 TNBBC members sent me messages on the wonderful volunteer work they have done to make their towns, this world, and most importantly, PEOPLE's lives better!!!!

Congratulations go out to:

Cheryl McCaffrey
She has just joined the Boston chapter of a group called The Swap Team http://theswapteam.org/ which her friend Sarah is running. They are organizing a clothing swap this spring. The way the swap works is you bring one item of clothing and you get one ticket in exchange - so it is sort of like an old-fashioned barter system where no money is exchanged. The pieces that are left over are donated to a charity (we have not confirmed which one yet). This great group will help bring awareness to needs vs. wants in regards to clothing.

Ralph Gallagher
For four years he has worked with New Jersey's REBEL (Reaching Everyone By Exposing Lies) to educate kids and teens about the dangers of smoking and tobacco use. They have held many events to help raise awareness as well as worked with elementary school children. Two big events that take place yearly are our beach cleanups and Fuzzy Friends event. Each summer they go to different NJ beaches and clean up cigarette butts. For Fuzzy Friends, they raise money and go to build-a-bear to make bears for children who have been affected by caner - personally or through a family member.

She is a social worker living in Indiana. In June'08 Indiana was hit with floods - houses were damaged beyond repair. FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) quickly became involved within the area. She was apart of a group who started a board to deal with the flooding within two counties and assisted with case management - going out to homes to assist individuals affected by the flood with emergency assistance and long term recovery. She also assisted clients with appeals and helped with grants to foundations to assist those affected by the flood.

Lauren Morrison
During her senior year in college, she started volunteering for an organization called Urban Promise in Wilmington. They run summer camps and after school programs for inner city kids at no cost to the families. Much time was spent tutoring, reading to and playing with many children from inner city Wilmington. They would have camp night at the staff house , spring break trips and college trips (for the teenagers employed to get work experience, tutoring and help applying for college) as well as monthly trips that a couple times that included going to a farm to ride horses. SHe has been able to watch some of these kids turn their lives around, and thrive because of the influence she and her group had.

The intent is to have them read the book as a group, and discuss it's content.
Thanks again to Rodale for allowing me this opportunity. And thanks again to the participants, for all the hard work, and selfless devotion they have shared with us, and the world!

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